how much of a chance is there u fell down the stairs

Did you fall down the stairs. This quiz is completely accurate in finding the percentage of chances you fell down the stairs. Please take this quiz if you are feeling confused about falling down the stairs or not.

So, have YOU fallen down the stairs in the past? If you are ready to find out, I promise this is the most accurate quiz in the history of the univers.

Created by: like hey

  1. Your mom was talking about something funny when u were carrying stuff up the stairs
  2. U watch my little pony (I was just wondering Cuz I love that show..)
  3. Your friend killed you and said die chiild
  4. What s ur fave song
  5. U got stairs in ur house
  6. Whose or best friend
  7. What's or fave animal
  8. Do u fall alot
  9. She said what rumor about u
  10. Last, this answer is important, its the only one I even care about, Did you or did you not fall down the stairs?

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