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Welcome to Hogwarts! Are you a brave Gryffindor? A loyal Hufflepuff? A wise Ravenclaw? Or an ambitious Slytherin? Consider this quiz your Sorting Hat ... It will look into your mind and help you learn where you belong at Hogwarts! Good luck!

This Sorting Hat quiz was developed for The Cupboard Under the Stairs, a unique immersive Hogwarts experience for those who have always longed to receive their Hogwarts owl.

Created by: ChiefWarlock
  1. Which of the following would most likely be your motto?
  2. Your housemates seem to already know who you are! What do they know you for?
  3. If given the opportunity to intern at the Ministry, which department would you work for?
  4. You overhear two Hogwarts classmates talking about you, and one of them says, “I like [her/him], but sometimes [he/she] is just too …”
  5. It’s your first day of classes at Hogwarts! Which class do you hope to see first on your course roster?
  6. You enter the herbology greenhouse. Professor Sprout instructs you to pick a plant from the farthest table to work on that day. Which plant do you choose?
  7. You are tasked with writing an essay on a famous witch or wizard. Which do you choose?
  8. It’s time to move into the wizarding world! Which home would you choose to inhabit?
  9. You enter a room and are immediately struck by a variety of scents—it might be amortentia, but you love it. Among the many smells, which ones stand out to you the most?
  10. Before you sits a table with several items. Which do you take as your own?
  11. Some silly student playing a prank has set a section of the Library on fire! Which first edition book do you scramble to save?
  12. Which title would you rather have as an epithet?
  13. You go to your Head of House to request a dorm change, because you and one of your dormmates simply cannot get on. Your Head of House asks what bothers you most about them. What do you say?
  14. You receive a special award for services to the school. What have you done that led to this honor?
  15. You are presented with a potion that will endow you with special powers for 24 hours. Which do you choose?
  16. You are invited to the home of one of your muggle born classmates for holiday. What is the first thing you ask about when you enter their home?
  17. You are walking through Hogwarts castle when you find yourself in a hallway with four doors. Which door do you walk through?
  18. Oh no! You’ve missed the Hogwarts Express! What do you do?
  19. Your professor sends you into the Forbidden Forest for a class assignment. Which path through the forest do you take?
  20. Given the choice, would you rather invent a potion or spell that would ensure you …
  21. While walking the grounds of Hogwarts you come across a mysterious pool. When you gaze into it, what do you see?
  22. While walking the halls of Hogwarts you see several activities taking place in the rooms around you. Which activity do you check out first?
  23. A fellow student with whom you have a moderate rivalry challenges you to a magical contest. Which would you suggest?
  24. Choose a time of day
  25. Choose an element
  26. Choose a word
  27. Choose a direction
  28. Choose a word
  29. Choose a flavor
  30. What is the answer?

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