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  • "You scored 48% which means you are moderately liberal. You believe in governmental action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all but not at the expense of the rights of others and you're cautious of that. You believe its the duty of the state to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights."

    Pretty accurate, although I think I lean slightly more to the left than that. I think that's because the answers to this quiz tended to have a slight Conservative bias even if that wasn't the intent. Good quiz overall, though. 8/10

  • 37% - moderately liberal. You believe in governmental action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all but not at the expense of the rights of others and you're cautious of that. You believe its the duty of the state to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights.

    Sounds about right, I believe in equal rights across the board for everyone around the world. I believe we should not look at one another based on location within the world, their religion (I am athiest but I support religion although not what some use it for), color, money, job status, or anything other form of discrimination. We should look at one another as human beings, so if someone needs the help and you can do it then offer that help. Also, we should take care of the world more otherwise we are destroying it, ourselves, and everything that "lives" here. Even if we can travel then occupy another plant at some point, it wouldn't matter if we do not know how or choose not to take care of it. By the way, I am a young white male who happens to be bi and never know if I may get married or not but I support the right. I also do not believe in abortion, but it again is another right for the woman (and man if he is involved) to make themselves, not the government or someone else. To those who keep making comment towards others, grow up and stop being so direspectful towards one another. People wonder why there is so much war, violance, discrimination, etc but some of these posts can point out a couple of reasons, among the many there are. We all could be so much happier, living much better lives with one another if we took care of ourselves and helped others as much as we can when we are able to. Finally, although I am not against religion, people interpret it differently depending on how it fits their views. Stop being so narrow minded, open your hearts and minds. Marriage was originally used as a form of slavery rather than love, where the father gave away his property to another

  • The questions come from the mainstream media's news.

    Health Care wouldn't be in trouble if congress hadn't overspent and stolen the social security funds, now after years of paying in the baby boomers are going to retire and try to draw out what they paid in and it's not there. So one solution is to destroy good health care socialize it and not allow anyone a lot of expensive treatment. Are we going to let the elderly not have the social security they paid in. Socialism and government run healthcare are being pushed by many but I feel will hurt us. Russia fell because scocialism creates poverty for all. Greed is the motive to get people working hard and crazy long hours. We have to allow success or they won't do it.

    86 percent
  • I'm young and under 35 and 82% conservative, but I also lean left on environmental issues but I am not a eco-terrorist. I guess I am a moderate, but I am not a socialist and in opposing the current batch of Democrats I have gone righter than I would have been in 2005 when I also was against Bush. Mostly against Bush between 2003 and 2007 because of his lack of running Iraq and the War on Terror well. Then against him for his 2008 Bailout. But I will say I am for Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Still I have issues against McCain too who I voted for in 08 and I am wary on Palin supporting his re-election bid, but then I have issues with everyone. In the end, I went from being moderate to more conservative thanks to the current political climate.

    • I'm pretty much in the same boat as you

  • Also, standardized healthcare is a terrible idea. Ask any of your pre-med buddies or physicians. The quality of healthcare will drastically decrease. The solution is to reduce malpractice suits against physicians, hospitals, etc. so that they can lower their costs to make healthcare affordable. People in Washington simply support their trial lawyer friends who sue for claims that rarely ever win but take a significant amount of money out of the healthcare system (which jacks up the costs). Research that and you'll see what I mean.

  • You claim I am 86% conservative. However, I am independent and have voted democratic and republican and in some instances for one of each as I see fit. I can lean either way and respect the opinions of both parties if they are practical and make sense. I believe all people want to protect the country they live in. We need to help the poor. However, if you are 30 years old and healthy there's no reason you cannot work and if needed receive assistance to help you get on your feet. There's no greater pride then saying" I did it"

  • One of the questions read "How do you feal about affirmative action?"

    This quiz must have been composed by conservatives.

    I scored a 12%. Never thought of myself as a liberal. I consider myself a conservative because I conserve! I conserve human rights, liberties, justice, resources, money, etc. Ah oh well. We're all so confused these days with the enormous loads of information streaming through a plethora of media outlets. It is easy for me to misinterpret what is true and what is false.

    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on:

    The World Food Crisis
    Populatio n Sustainability
    F ossil Fuels
    Water Resources

  • I believe this is still the greatest nation ever. Liberals today are not very liberal. They talk about tolerance, but don't show it very well. Most, not all, progressives believe we should keep conservative laws off their bodies. Yet they force me into universal healthcare. I'll have to wait at least 2 years for knee surgery. The politicians are exempt. No wait list for Obama. Liberals, you would'nt want Palin or Bush in charge of your health. Obama is not forever. Think about it.

  • Liberal- I dont agree with the black or white definitions but on the side of health care- please refer to the statistical data that PROVES, countries with a national health care system provide a degree of care that allows them to 1- live longer, 2- have a lower infant mortality rate 3- give citizens the peace of mind that if they lose their jobs or quit because of unfair conditions they will STILL be able to go to the doctor and bring their families to the doctor 4- I believe it says in the constitution: The Right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness- LIFE, being the key word there. When somone in dire need of medical care is denied a life-saving operation or medication because of lack of coverage- (more often than not being denied BECAUSE of the illness, or unemployment), that is violating their RIGHT to LIFE.

    PS the US is currently 37th in the world for QUALITY of care and overall health of the nation. We are only 2 above Cuba and we are one BELOW Costa Rica. This should

  • 93% Conservative! The environment is my issue. We need more Nuke plants. Hydrogen cars. We need to get off of as much Oil as possible. As far as global warming goes... the problem is humans but not cars or emissions, the problem is deforestation. Trees breath in CO2 and release Oxygen. We have cut down over half of the worlds forest in the last century. Less trees to remove CO2 from the air means the CO2 levels will rise. Hello greenhouse effect!

  • This quiz is ridiculously simplistic and naive in it's evaluation of what "Liberal" and "Conservative" values are. These values are not defined by what just happens to be the big hot topic in News rooms, with extremists on both sides duking it out and dictating what the right answer for their "side" is. Conservatism and Liberalism are very vague terms to begin with, but the questions do not reflect eithers views very well and frankly does not even give a good representative view of the issues in the first place.

  • We always jump on the wealthy - I am not wealthy-live paycheck to paycheck

    Speaking of wealthy you cannot be one sided which is what I am seeing-

    Some of the wealthiest people are singers/actors. Others would be repubs and several democrats . i.e. Nancy Pelosi- has millions what does she do out of pocket to help the poor nothing - she owns a company outside the US and pays them below minimum wage - but she is always on her soapbox however, nothing has improved- John Boehner - has boo coo dollars - what has he done? nothing - Harry Reid, Mcconnell - I mean face it they are all 1% ers

  • Leave the exclamation marks out of the responses. It is stupid and shows a complete lack of objectivity to have as an answer to the abortion question "It it murder!!!" without an equally fire-breathing "It's a woman's choice!!!" Before you start judging folks' political leanings by their answers to questions, you need to learn how to ask totally objective questions and prepare totally objective answers. I suggest a course in Scope and Methods of Political Science.

  • As for Gay marriage. We really need more people in debt? All people do is pay too much to get their names on a piece of paper only to get divorced cuz they feel they need to get married after 1 month. As for abortion and the government handing everyone things like welfare...GET STRICT. All people do is abuse this system. And it will happen with obamacare. Heck i know people that make more on welfare and still have kids than i do being a hard working individual. Is that fair? Is that right? Get off the couch and get a JOB!

  • wilhots.. the constitution is the basis and no where did it talk about slavery and such. I bet if you look hard enough you will see other races building it too not just the ones you mentioned.. how racist of you. (or does melting pot only mean anything non- white.. typical dumb liberal) Was the practice horrid.. yes dammit it was, but it was the atmosphere of the stupid people of the time.. not the constitution which provides this country for you. Guess what every country has had those practices at some time even africa, and as times moved on the poeple got smarter it was abolished and they learned to live together.. maybe you should move on along with the time the same as most of us generations removed from that time have. The best thing in the U.S. did not just happen after the 1960's..take a course other than some liberals propagandist.. you might see the whole picture someday.

  • I do not agree with andreaboo that immigrants should not be allowed into this country. Our great country has become what it is beacuse of immigrants! Immigrants that desired a better life for themselves and there families. That had a dream and they heart and they went for that dream. They treasure their roots but realive that this country is an english speaking country and take pride in their choice. They legally came to this country and made their dreams come true. I believe in LEGAL immigration and that they should learn to speak english. I don not belieave in ILLEGAL immigration. It is ILLEGAL simpile enough.

  • I don't think we should allow immigrants, but for a better reason than that 'most of them don't speak English'. We shouldn't allow people to come in ILLEGALLY. Because when they do, our hard-earned money goes into pay for them. Our money goes to pay taxes and they don't have too. Please tell me how that is fair? I'm studying to be a neurosurgeon and I'd like to keep my $750,000 a year salary, thank you very much. Because I'm working hard to get to that point. And when all that hard work pays off, it's not fair for the government to strip the award away in taxes.

  • This was extremly biased. Word quiz i've taken. There is no "great" answer for the middle. The liberal arguments are thought out but, not true to the nature of liberals. This is completely biased of the conservative view points. All conservative answers are the first all liberal are the last. This pattern is easy to fill out for what you think your party truely is. I could have taken this blind and came up with the same answer. It picked me right, only because i knew where to look for the answer.

  • nathanthomas, What foundation are you talking about. You speak of this great foundation that this country was built on. You mean the foundation that African slaves and Chinese immigrants built. Is that the foundation you speak of. Or maybe you are refering to the foundation of non-white males not being able to have a say in the progress of this country for the last 400 plus years. Is that the kind of foundation you speak of. Please enlighten us all with your knowledge of this great country and its great past. I guess I read the history books wrong.


    Your comment was very racial and hypocritical. At one point or another you're ancestors came to America to escape the injustices that they faced. every human being has the right to be free. For your information your ancestors probably didn't speak much or mabye no english!

    Before the next time you decide to make a racial comment, think back a couple hundred years to the times when your family came here

  • "Liberal" the wealthy boast about how they have had success due to their labors. I disagree, their wealth could not be possible without the protection of our military men and women. So that being said if we are dependant on

    Volunteers to keep our military strong then what that implies is that typically the wealthy benefit from the safety given to them by the lower income civilians. Why then do the wealthy think its wrong to help the poor? Free Enterprise works best when the rich give back to the less fortunate that actually paved the way for the American Dream to become a reality. By not giving back destroys the American Dream and replaces it with Aristocracy.

  • To all liberals: I am NOT racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, extreme, or hateful. I simply prefer the conservative ways over yours not because of hate, but because the conservative ways have worked better in the past, and it makes more sense to me. (And I'm not an idiot, either.) I just felt the need to clear that up. Thank you.

  • Conservative, though I consider myself a Pro-Life Libertarian. I really don't think the government should have this massive control. Politicians need to respect the Constitution. I don't think putting us in outrageous debt will help our nation. By the way I'm not a Republican really because I think there are some politicians in that party too who are corrupt.

  • I also dont think andreaboo is racist I live in florida and I am sick to death of the mexicans and cubans and puerto ricans who come here and do not speak english, take jobs when they are not here legally(excluding the puerto ricans of course since it is a US territory) and then expect to be treated better because of their nationality(ummmm hello you expect to be treated differently and yet want the SAME RIGHTS!!) one or the other PLEASE!! I dont mind them having the same rights but if I hear one more mexican say he is going to sue someone because they are discriminating against him I WILL SCREAM

  • As for maddyrja...please read yingyang's comments above yours. I rest my case on intelligence. We can express our opinions with out reverting to this type of talking. If someone disagress with you please do not just strat screaming swear words and try talking louder than them. Listen, maybe then we can unite for the better good of this country. Neither party has the right answers; however, we as citizens uniting can develope the correct course.


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