Confessions Part 3

Hello earthlings!!!!! Wasap! I'm so. Blah! I'm not gonna finish the series but I will tomarrow if I ya. I'm laying in my bed with my laptop with no lights on and I'm listing to music....

That's mostly what I do on winter break..I go back to school on january buddy!!!!!! OMG ITS 1:30 in the morning!!!!!I got to go to sleep! Last night I went to bed a 2 in the morning...kk bye:)

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. You lets go of Colton and he walks away. You open your locker and a note falls and you read it. 'Kaitlyn,you are so cute and funny. I've acculy liked you for awhile and I don't know if I like you. Latelyyou have looked beautiful!!!! I hope I see you soon-secret admirer'. You stare at the note and you go to health..who is it??
  2. You get to health and you show Angelica the note. She smiles and gives you a hug. "Ok class instead of going to your groups you will just watch a movie about it. So move around I don't care." Says Mrs. Murry. Your butt vibrates and its your phone. You grab it and its from Colton. 'Wanna switch seats with Jackson? I don't rlly care its him that wanna change..' you reply 'i guess' and you tell Angelica and you switch with Jackson. You sit in Jacksons spot and the movie starts..
  3. You pass Colton a note saying: 'hey I found a note in my u have any idea who it is?' He says 'nope srry..r u going to Jacksons party on Friday?' You reply: 'oh. And ya Angelica making me' 'oh lol watch this'. You look at him and he trows a paper ball at Jacksons head and he tells you to look at the screan. You do. Jackson throws it at a guy and soon the balls going every where. It hits Mrs.Murry and you hold in the laugh.
  4. ***FAST FORWARD*** its Friday and your getting ready to go to Jacksons party. Angelicas picking you up. You take a shower and you look in your closet. You deside to wear black booty shorts(A.K.A spandex) neon pink high top converse (converse that goes up to knees) and a neon pink noodle strap. You straiten your hair and you put on makeup. You pit on a small sweater that's black. You hear a honk and its Angelica. You grab money and put it in your bra. You say bye to your Aunt and Uncle and you get in the car. Angelicas wearing jean short shorts(not booty) a strapless and a puffy jacket. "Omigosh Kaitlyn wow you look wow" you luagh and you get to Jacksons..
  5. You get to Jacksons and you smell beer. 'Great' you think. You and Angelica go inside. You and Angelica take off your jackets and put them on a coat rack. Angelica goes running to Jackson. You walk around and all the guys stare at you. You see some guys playing MW3. "Hey can I play?" You ask. They pause the game and they see you. "Wooah hottie can play MW3..ok." You play forawhile and deside to leave you see Jackson and Angelica drinking!!! You can't believe this. You feel dizzy and you wanna leave. "Hey Angelica I'm gonna go home ok?" "Do you want me to drive you?" "No your drunk and its close" "ok bye." "Bye." You lied. Its far from here. You gab your coat and you leave. You see Coltons car and you left.
  6. You start walking and you felt something wet on your face. You look up and it starts to rain. Your cold,hungry,and tired. You have been walking for a long time. Your freezing. You can feel your cheeks red. Your lips are very cold. Your legs you can't feel. You walk and you here footstaps behind you. You walk faster and you feel breath on your neck. Someone grabs your arm and you turn around. Its a guy from the party. "Hey there sweety pie let's go to my house hmm?" You can tell he's drunk. "LET GO OF ME!!!!!!!" You scream and someone pulls over and you get splashed. Now your super cold. You see a black BMW. Colton comes out and punches the guy. He was knocked out. "Kaitlyn are you ok? Wow!!!" "Y-y-y-a-a-a-ya i-i-i--m-m ook" you say. "Come on let's get you in the car" he says. "I cant." "Why?" "Because I'm wet and no wet things or drinks in the car." He hesatates then says "I don't want you to get hurt so get in please." You look at him and you give him a weak smile he puts you in and he starts driving.
  7. "Why were you walking?" He asks. "Because I wanted to go home and Angelica was drunk and she wanted to stay." "Oh. Your lips are very white and your pale are you still cold?" "Ya. I'm sorry I.." he cuts you off and says "don't be sorry its not your falt." You start to cry and he pulls over. "Kaitlyn what's wrong?" "If you never came then I would have gotten.." "I know I know I know its ok. Its gonna be ok." You look at him and he smiles. You smile back and he starts to drive.
  8. He gets to your house and you tell him to stay for minute. "No probs." He says. You get out and find a note on the garage door. You come back so you can see light. "Great my aunt and uncle gonna be back tomarrow and I can't stay home alone...." "why can't you be alone?" "Do you see where I live?" "Oh......... then why are there light on?" "So noone can rob us." "Well you can stay at my house..." "are you sure?" "Ya my parents would let you." "Aww thanks" you smile and he gives you a cute smile.
  9. He starts driving and you get a text from Angelica. 'Hey you home?' You reply 'ya don't wrry g2g by' he pulls into a huge mansion. He gets out to push in a code and the gate opens."wow this is where you live!?!?!" "Ya it must be huge to you hunh?" You nod. "Listion if my mom and dad ask. You are rich. They think ghetto people are worthless. You nod and you get out. You go inside and he grabs your hand and he pulls you up the stairs to his bedroom...
  10. He opens a door and you see his room. Full of throfies,posters,and yearbooks and pictures. "Wow" you say . He saud hell be right back and you go sit on the floor. All of a sudden....
  11. You see a woman rush in and hugs you. Assuming his mom. "Oh you poor baby!!!!!! You can stay as long as you want. Let's go get you some warm cloths to wear. Oh bye the way I'm Coltons mom Mrs.Brown but you can call me Debra." You smile. She grabs your hand and she takes you to her bedroom. She opens a walk in closet and she gives you a pare of pjs. You change and you go back to Coltons room. And you see...
  12. Colton has no shirt on! You can see his 12 pack and all his mucles! He's wearing plaid pj pants. "Hi!" He says "hello" you say you shut the door and you sit on the floor again. Your stomach growls and he laughs. "Ill be right back"he says and he leaves..again. You find the freshman year yearbook. You look threw it and you see your picture with a.........

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