Confessions Part 2

So waz up!!!! Its part 2!!!!! Part 3 will come ASAP so ya. Uhhhhhh. I hate my life:p any ways....... I'm so bored. Blah blah blah blah blah BBBOOORRREEEDDD

****READ PLSE**** um ok so in one question it has ----- when its supposed to say fixes so ya srry my laptop kinda went weird and won't let me fix it so ya...

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. You get to the mall and relise that your hair is up. You quicky pull it down and you go sit next to Colton. "Hey let's start." You say. "Hey and ya let's start I guess." He says
  2. **FAST FORWARD** you two finish and you say "hey can you come with me to Abricrombie & Fitch?" "Sure as long as you buy me a cookie." "Uhh sure I guess." You two walk into the mall. He quickly pulls you aside. "Hey you see that girl over there? That's my ex and I need to make her jelous so can you pretend to be my girlfriend please please please!?!?!?! You don't have to bye me a cookie please!?!?!" You laudh and say "Ok ok ok gosh..what do I do?" "Just follow along."
  3. He grabs you by the waist and you cuddle next to him. Only for the act but he was acculy really warm. :). The girl looks at you two and says to the boy "aww look. Young love its so cute!" You think about it for a sec and you look at Colton. He's just walkin with swag and lookin ahead. "Uhh Colton she's gone." "Oh ya sorry. You smell really good. Like I care." "Thanks." You two into Abricrombie & Fitch.
  4. You get out of the store and you buy Colton a stupid cookie. You go outside to the parking lot. "So ill see you tomarrow at school bye." You say. "Wait,do you wanna ride home?" "Sure." You had a soda and he looks at you. "No drinks or nothing wet in the car sorry." You throw the soda and it hit a car and the siron goes on and you go in his balck BMW and he quickly leaves. You two laugh for most of the time.
  5. He pulls in your drive way. "This is where you live?" He asks. Youl live in the ghetto and its all. "Ya but please don't say anything please." You beg. "Ya and I'm really sorry..well bye." "Bye" and you leave the car.
  6. The next day you get up and you wear a white A & F shirt that's a V necka and you can see some cleavelge. With a mini skirt and neon blue converse. You straitned your hair and wore makeup. You grabbed your bag and a apple and walked to school.
  7. You get to school and you sit on the curb as usal waiting for Angelica. You see her pull up and you stand up. "Kaitlyn is that you?" She asks. "Yep its me Kaitlyn Ann Boyle." "You look so preety!!!! Who are you trying to impress.. ah ha!" "What?" "Colton right?" "Uh no I just wanna change me style" "okkkkkkk" or am I trying to impress him????
  8. Jackson and Colton pull up in Coltons black BMW. You,Angelica,Colton,and Jackson are the only kids at school. You all came very early. So it was safe for Jackson and Angelica to do there thing. Jackson and Colton get out and Jackson says "wow is that Kaitlyn??? Wow!" Colton looks over at you and stares at you
  9. Angelica runs to Jackson and hugs him. "H-h-ey-hey look uhm cute!" Says Colton. "Ha thanks" you blush. "Hey wanna go over to the bench and sit and talk?" He asks. "Oh wow Colton so at first she's all ugly and weird and you ignore her but now when she's looks hot your hotter Angelica and you talk to her? Really? Wow." Says Jackson. Angelica smacks him on the arm and tells him your her best friend and he apoligises. "Not cool man. Not cool."
  10. You look at Colton and you run in the school. Everyone starts coming so Angelica leaves. Colton starts talking to Jackson. Angelica finds you in the bathroom crying. "Omigosh Kaitlyn don't cry!!! Please don't!! Ill talk to Jackson..." "Angelica...I think I'm starting to like Colton...." "omigosh I think he likes you!!!!!!!!" She stands you up and she brings out a makeup bag and she f---es your makeup. You smile and hug her. You walk out confident. Colton comes running after you........
  11. Uhh guys srry but in the one above this queastion I mean fixes your makeup.
  12. "Kaitlyn I'm so sorry!!!!!! I didn't mean for him to say that I'm really sorry." He says. Wow. Everyones staring now. "Its fine nothing to worry about." He hugs you and everyone claps. Talk about embarresing!!!!
  13. Part 3s coming!!! Rate? Comment?

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