Compliment Quiz

This is a basic quiz to introduce the concept of compliments. To compliment someone means to commend them for their efforts or achievements. Compliments can be spoken or written. They must be sincere, spot-on, specific, selfless, and focus on a person's strengths.

This compliment quiz is a component of an workshop titled, "If You Don't Have Something Nice to Say...." The workshop is offered to people who want to reflect on kind words and will ultimately use such words to (re)connect with their community.

Created by: Dea
  1. You should walk quietly when you are in the hall
  2. Thanks for being on time.
  3. Giving a "high-five.
  4. You worked really hard on your project today.
  5. I love your hair. It reminds me of a powder puff.
  6. You're an awesome administrator! You run a tight ship; Everyone respects you.
  7. Your teaching is impressive. I admire your knack at engaging learners.
  8. The peanut butter cookies you baked were off the hook--I loved them!
  9. Skinny pants fit your body type. You wear them well.
  10. I wish I had your energy.
  11. How do you accomplish so much in one day?
  12. You have a beautiful family.
  13. Please (with a smile) no more stories.
  14. I like you. Can we work together?
  15. I value your perspective so much that I'm gonna let you take it from here.

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