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confidence is a key to success!! after study each topic and doing multiple choice questions in the form of quiz or by other means gives you a confidence about that particular topic.

hey!! you have a genius mind. you can achieve any goal in your life if you are passionate towards it. if you focus on what you want in life you can achieve it only by putting efforts.

Created by: sarishti
  1. Disease which is immunocompromised?
  2. teeth present in mouth during primary dentition?
  3. dental formula of permanent dentition?
  4. which gas is released from excreta of cows and other animals?
  5. which element is used in thermometers?
  6. which type of vitamin is essential for tooth development?
  7. autoimmune disease of bone called?
  8. isotopes of hydrogen?
  9. candidiasis is also called?
  10. disease which is spread through contaminated needles?

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