Complications chpt. 2

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Created by: Flyer2473
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  1. Nervously getting into the limo, you see Simon, Caden and another boy with brown, shiny, curly hair. You sit by the window across from Simon, next to Koko. Ryan sits next to Simon, seemingly trying to compete for your attention. You reach your mind out to Ryan. You can't get any information from him, its like there is a wall. He smirks at you. "Not today, ___." he says to you in your mind. You smile back at him. "Guys, this is Kyle. He's here to be our escort." Simon says, albeit grudgingly. You see Koko blushing. You look into her mind and find she likes Kyle. You look back at the tan, lean and muscular boy. He was pretty adorable. You try to read his mind, but have the same results as you did with Ryan. "Where are we going?" you ask. "Back to the complex. Most of you will be safe there." Caden says. "What do you mean, most of us?" Ryan asks. "Well, I'm not to sure about ___. Being all types, she attracts a lot of.....un wanted attention." he says. You bite your lip. "What do mean?" Koko asks. "You mean you haven't explained it to them?" Kyle says to Simon. You look at Simon. He sighs. "Well, there are people, us dead." "What! Why?" you shout. "They....they think we are aliens. They want us off the face of the earth." he says. "Or as lab rats." Caden adds helpfully. "Aliens? That's crazy!" Koko says. "I know. They are called the Carauns. The are ruthless. Most of them have powers like a flyer, but more powerful." Koko looks at you nervously. "So this complex, it's safe?" you ask. "Well, for the most part. It has borders that help to keep the Caruans out. If they can even find it." Kyle. "Unless someone really powerful shows up in the complex, then they are easier to find and may be subject to mental attacks." Caden says, nodding to you. " do I stop the mental attacks?" you ask. "We'll teach you at the complex. You can learn to develop your powers and be more powerful." Simon tells you. "But Simon, tell them how the Carauns numbers are growing and how they are becoming more powerful as well." Caden said in an innocent voice. "Yeah.....well, there's that. They are becoming a bigger threat." he says. Caden leans in close and whispers threateningly. "They could be anyone....even the driver!" you laugh. Simon looks ou the window. "Wait, where are we going? This isn't the way!" He shouts up to the driver. The limo stops. You hear the driver door slam. Everyone holds their breath as he comes around to the back. The stout driver opens the door closest to you. "Everyone get out! In the name of the Carauns!" You get out first, next to Ryan who lies on the ground next to you. "He's going to shoot us. Not you, but the rest of us." You grab his hand and see the others lie beside Ryan, leaving you on the end. "I'm scared." you say. He squeezes your hand.
  2. Ryan was completely right. The driver pulled out a gun. While he loads it, you think of what Caden said about mental attacks. Ryan also has this idea. The two of you reach out to the driver and pound his mind with a surprisingly strong mental force. You look up to see the driver with his hands on his head and gun on the ground. The driver thrashes around so much, he doesn't notice Kyle take the gun.HE stands up and points the gun at the driver. The driver stops thrashing and looks up at Kyle, who instantly collapses. You try to mentally attack him again, but he counters the force with a greater one. "Ah!" you scream in pain. You feel dizzy and faint. Before you pass out, you see Caden shooting fire and Kyle blasting water. Ryan is hidden, trying to break the driver's mind to keep him from hurting you. Simon launches some balls of energy, but he gets over to you and carries you down a hill near a creek. You try to speak, but the force of the mental attack left you weak. You see burns on your skin from being in the crossfire of Caden. "Go to sleep. I have to go fight now, but you'll be fine. Go to sleep." Simon says. "I.....I have to fight. How is he so powerful?" you manage. "I'll tell you later." he says and runs away. You sigh and lay your head on a pile of soft pine needles. You pass out for awhile, and wake up to Caden next to the creek wringing out a rag. He puts it over your forehead. "You have now experienced your first Caraun attack." He says, leaning over you.
  3. You sit up and let him wipe your forehead. "Where is everyone?" You as k Caden. "Well, Kyle and Koko are trying to get the limo to start. Simon and Ryan are interrogating the driver. Ryan did some mind thing and he's keeping him under control." he says. "Where are we even?" you ask, because you like to hear Caden talk. "Currently, in the middle of nowhere." He stops wiping your head. You look up through the pine trees at the sky. The sun was too high overhead to tell which direction you were facing. Caden moved down to sit beside you. "How are you feeling?' he asks softly. "I'm fine. Carauns are more powerful than i thought. Mental attacks are pretty taxing." you say.Caden half laughs. You read his mind, but he notices. "You're reading my mind, aren't you? Can you not do that?" he tells you. "Oh, yeah. Sorry." you say shyly. You put your hand to the side of your face because your skin felt hot. Caden puts a hand over yours. He touches his fore head to yours and the two of you sit like that for a while. You hope he kisses you, but you don't want to betray Simon. You have no idea what to do, but you are enjoying it. Caden leans in very close, but pulls away at the last second. "Kyle! Did you get the limo to start?" He says over your shoulder. You turn to see Kyle standing awkwardly among the trees. "No, but Simon wants to have everybody together, that is, if ____ is feeling okay. You've been through a lot." He says. You nod and allow Caden to help you up.You walk back to the road in silence. You see Koko coming out from under the limo. "He must of done some serious damage to it so it wouldn't start again. Its totaled." she said. "But, then if the car won't start again, then how would the driver have been able to get back? He couldn't have walked." Ryan says. "Oh no. More are coming. And they should be here soon. Thats the only way he could've gotten back. Someone has to come get him." you shout, startled.
  4. Simon tries to rake control of the situation. "Okay, we need to hide. Ryan, can you find any place that we can all be in together?" he says. Ryan nods and closes his, scanning the area. "___, I need you to make sure the driver can't remember anything." he says. "Simon, flyers can't do that." Kyle whispers to him. "She can." he answers flatly. He tells Koko and Kyle to go to the limo and make sure there is no way to use again. Koko grabs to large rocks and hands one to Kyle. They walk to the other side of the limo, smiling. You see the driver tied to a tree. He is glaring at you. "You can't take my memories!" he shouts. "Not all of them. Just most." you say, placing your finger and thumb on his head. You stare straight into his beady eyes. Suddenly you feel his memories transferring from him to you. Sifting through them, you find some valuable information about the Carauns, but you dump the rest. The driver becomes peacefully unconscious. "Done." you tell Simon. "Good. Ryan, did you find a place yet?" he asks. "Yeah, but it's kind of underwater." he says. "___ and Kyle can take care of that." he says. So Kyle is a floater. How interesting you think. Koko and kyle come back around the limo, looking satisfied. You notice they are walking very close to each other. You feel slightly jealous. "Dont be. He likes you too." Ryan whispers in your ear. "And yes, I will stop reading your mind. Eventually." he winks. You and the others follow him down a slope to a large lake. You and Kyle push the water out of the way so no one gets wet. The six of you walk to the middle of the lake where Ryan points out a collection of boulders that form a cave. It was roomy and smelled good. You walk into the cave and Kyle seals the wide entrance with ice. "How did you do that?" you ask. "You'll learn." he says winking. You sit down next to Koko and Simon. Kyle is on the other side of her, and Ryan and Caden sat on the opposite wall. Koko lights up the cave with and orange ball of light. "How long do we stay here?" she asks. "Well, until they finish looking for us, which could be a while." Ryan says. You feel the powerful minds of the Carauns coming up on the limo. "They're here." you whisper. Ryan nods. "I feel them too." he says. "So does that mean that when the teachers were talking about us, they were Carauns?" Koko asks. Simon nods. "And why are they so powerful?" you ask to him. "We....we actually don't know. We don't know why some of us have these powers either." Caden says. Ryan makes a face at you, than motions silently from you to him. "I told you to stop reading my mind, Ryan." you shout at him in his mind with a great force. He winces and holds up his hands in false surrender. "So who will it be? Simon, Caden, or Kyle?" he asks in your mind. "Or me?" he adds hopefully. "Don't worry about it. But who will it be for you? Molly Green or Kaitlyn Ferrel?" you ask, scanning over his school crushes. He laughs. The whole time everyone else was watching, nit hearing the secret conversation.
  5. Ryan smiles slyly at you. You stick your tounge out. Suddenly, you feel a pressure in your head. "The Carauns, they're at the edge of the lake." you whisper. Ryan widens his eyes and nods. Koko tries to silence a gasp. You read her mind and find she is very claustrophobic, so you speak to Kyle's mind. "Kyle, I think you need to comfort koko. She really needs someone now. She's really scared." you say to his mind. He widens his eyes for a second, but nods. He takes Koko's hand and squeezes it. Koko immediately leans into him and puts her head on his shoulder. Kyle is stiff for a second, but he becomes comfortable and puts his hands around her. You can't help but feel a little jealous. Everyone sits in silence for a long time. When you finally feel the minds of the Carauns fade from the edge of the pond, you let out a breathe and allow your muscles to relax. "Maybe someone should go scout to see if it's okay." Koko says. "____ and I will." Simon says, getting up. Kyle melts the ice blocking the entrance to the cave. You move the water and create and air pocket for you and Simon. The two of you walk out of the cave cautiously. You still feel the Carauns' minds, but they are very far away as far as you can tell. You and Simon walk out of the lake slowly and silently. The two of you sneak to the road. The limo is still there, but the driver was missing. "They must have passed through here already." Simon says. You nod. "Should I tell them it's clear to come back up?" you ask. "Not quite yet." Simon tells you. "Why not?" you ask, trying to read his mind. Before you do though, Simon kisses you on the lips. You kiss back. He pulls away for a moment. You hear Ryans mind laughing. "Shut up Ryan. Go away." you say to him, hitting him with a mental punch. Simon puts his hand on the side of your face. You push the hair out of his eyes. "What if the Carauns find us? What will they do? What will-" you start, but Simon cuts you off with another long kiss. "We really should be looking hard-" you try to say again. He cuts you off with another kiss. You just smile and allow it. The image of you and Caden by the creek pops up in your head. You suddenly feel sick to your stomach. Simon keeps kissing you, but you don't kiss back. "What's the matter?" he whispers. "Nothing. It's nothing" you say. Suddenly, you hear a crashing through the woods.
  6. Simon pulls you behind a tree so the two of you are hidden. You peek out and see three people, two men and a woman, trudging through the woods. "-and that's when I said, 'no, I have YOUR wallet!'" one of the men said. "Carauns." Simon whispers under his breath. The other man laughed, but the woman turned around and slapped them both. "Idiots! We are supposed to be quiet! They heard us, surely." she said in a Russian accent. The men mumbled an apology. Once they had walked past, Simon motioned for you to follow him. He climbed up a tree overlooking the road, still being hidden. The group walks up to the limo. "A shame it can't be used again. Clever kids. We'll-" the woman starts. She pauses, looking around. She walks off the road and into the forest, scanning trees and shrubs. She puts a hand on the tree you and Simon are in. You open your mouth to scream, but Simon puts a hand over it and holds you close to him. The woman walks walks around the tree, but thankfully doesn't look up it. "I feel them.....they are close. But not close enough. Get in the car! Try to restore Cadel's memory. I knew I shouldn't have let him drive." she orders. They walk up the road and into a black car. The car starts and drives away. Simon releases you and you climb down the tree. When he comes down, he shakes his hand as if it hurt. "What's wrong?" you ask. "You bit my hand." he laughs. You try to laugh, but you are too shocked to say anything. You tell Ryan that the others can come up. "Who was that woman?" you ask Simon. "The leader. No of the Carauns, but she seems like a general of some kind." he says. Simon looks very shaken, more so than you. You decide not to read his mind so he will tell you on his own. You kiss him on the cheek, and he smiles. He kisses you on the lips again. The two of you walk back to meet the others. Caden is relieved to be out of the lake, and sets a tree on fire for the fun of it. Kyle puts it out, annoyed. Ryan winks at you. You throw another mental punch at him. He gets the message and tells you he'll stop reading your mind. All of you walk back to the road. "What do we do now?" Ryan asks. "Well, we have to find the complex." Caden answers, unsure how to do that.
  7. "Well....we know we have to go northeast, vaguely. The sun is setting, so that way is west. I guess of we just follow the road that way, we'll be able to sense it eventually." Kyle says. Everyone shrugs and decides to do what he suggested. Kyle, Koko and Ryan go faster in front of you. Koko and Kyle hold hands. You smile at her as she looks back at you. Simon walks close to you, but doesn't touch you. Caden is farther behind you and him, seemingly angry. You trek up the steep road for a while. When the road finally flatens out, Kyle asks Simon to come join them to ask him a question. He runs up to them, leaving you and Caden alone. He walks beside you with his hands in his pockets. "So you like him too." Caden says without looking at you. You shake your head. "No, I mean, yes I do, but I.....I like you but," you stammer uncomfortably. "It's okay. But Ryan told me what happened with you and Simon at the gym." You gasp. You make a mental note you kill Ryan when you get him alone. "It's fine, it's fine. you still like me?" he says. You lean over to him and kiss him on the cheek. A pile of leaves onthe road catches on fire. It quickly goes out. "Hehe. Sorry. I just....that happens when I can't control my emotions." he says. You think how adorable that is and put an arm around him and pat his back. "Thanks. Hey, when we get back to the you want to go to a concert or something?" Caden asks shyly. "They have concerts?" you ask. He nods. "Yeah, it's kind of like a collage, we hire bands and stuff." he says. "I'd love to, Caden." you say. He smiles at you. "We better go join them." He says. You jog up to the rest of them. Kyle and Koko make some funny small talk, and for a while, you are all just normal kids. You walk for about another hour, and feel an annoying buzzing in your head. You tell that to Simon. "That's the complex. We're almost there." he says. Ryan cheers sarcastically. You go around a corner, and see a large campus. The huge, mostly round buildings are made of brick. Some are brightly colored. The road continues through a tall, dangerous looking gate. A pair of guards leaned lazily against it, talking in a fast language. "Gino! It's Caden! I need to to let our friends in!" Caden shouts to a guard. The guard looks up, and laughs. He points to Caden, laughing. Caden points back, laughing. The gate opens. "What was that all about?" you ask Caden. "Gino is from Italy, and doesn't speak English. We are just close, I guess." he says. Simon leads you to a low, round building painted bright green and light blue. The sign says "Al-Cadel Hall." "Why do we have to go there?" Ryan asks. "You need to talk to Cadel. He'll know what to do." Simon answers. Caden runs off, saying he has to go to his dorm. Kyle goes with him. You enter the hall. It is spacious, and carpeted. The walls are a calming tone of green, and the furniture is brown and soft. Simon leads you through a maze of halls to a door that says "Al-Cadel, Knock before entering." Simon gulps and knocks on the door.
  8. "Come in," a deep voice says. Simon nervously opens the door and leads you in. There is small office with a large window facing a deep gorge with a river and waterfall. A desk is nestled in the corner, and a large coffee-skinned man sits in a chair, looking out the window. "I have some new students." Simon stammers. The man turns around and you see he has dazzling green eyes. The man who must be Cadel reminds you of Morgan Freeman. "Ah, yes. The ringer, flyer and......her." He says. "This is Koko, Ryan and ____. This is Cadel." Simon says. You smile slightly. "Well, you may go to the building that has a giant B on it. Ask for Kylie. She'll help you." Cadel says to Koko. "And you....Hm. Go to the building with the dinosaur statue in front. Ask for, oh well you already know Caden. He can help you." He says to Ryan. Koko and him walk out of the room. "You, ____, you can do everything?" Cadel says suspiciously. You nod. "You may follow Koko. Simon, stay here a moment." you walk out, squeezing Simon's hand before you go. He looks really nervous. You sprint through the halls and catch up with Koko on the sidewalk. "Hey. I wonder what the dorms will be like." Koko says cheerfully. "Haha! Yeah I wonder." you say. You and her small talk to the dorm building. Walking in, you see a large lobby that reminds of a beach. The light wooden floor and wicker-based furniture make you smile. You love the beach. Koko walks up to a girl and asks for Kylie. The girl smiles and says she is Kylie. "We are new, and we were told you could help us?" Koko asks. She nods and leads you up a set of stairs and shows you two empty dorms. "We get our own? That's awesome!" you say. "Yeah, it's pretty nice. They will come up and do the rest." Kylie says. "Who?" you ask. "The staff. They are flyers and they can tell your style of clothes and the type of bed you want and stuff. It's nice, because it doesn't look like you two have anything else to wear." she explains. Kylie leaves, and you go explore your dorm. It has the same light wood floor and a white desk in the corner. There is a big closet and dresser. "Hey!" Koko shouts. You turn and see a door in the middle of the wall open with Koko standing in the middle. "The rooms are joined!" she says. "Whoa, that's awesome!" you say, genuinely happy. You see the big window over looking the gorge and waterfall. "Knock knock!" you hear at the door. You turn and see Ryan in the doorway. "Hey! Did you get a sweet dorm like this?" you say. He nods. "I had to leave after the staff came to redo my dorm." Ryan answers. He walks in to the room. "Nice view!" he says. He walks over to the window. You stand beside him. "Why did you tell Caden Simon and I kissed?" you ask. "I-I.....I don't know. To make you mad I guess." he stammers. "Why do you like to make me mad?" you laugh. He turns to you and stares you dead in the eye. Suddenly, he grabs you and kisses you. You are surprised, but kiss back because Ryan is surprisingly a great kisser. He pulls away and stares at you more.
  9. You are unsure whether you should slap him or not. Before you do, he runs out of the room nervously. You stand shocked at the window. You hear a knock on the door and see two women and a man come in. "We are here to get you fitted and new furniture?" one woman says. You wave them in and the same women outs her hand on your forehead.You feel her sifting through your memories of shopping, getting dressed and other clothing-related memories. She steps away. The next woman approaches you. You sense her looking through your memories of concerts, music, and other entertainment. Finally, the man approaches you. He doesnt put his hand over your head, but you can feel him trying to figure out what kind of bed and furniture you have always wanted.When he finishes, they ask you to leave for an hour or so for renovations. You nod and thank them, an head out of the dorm. You turn down the stairs and go into the lobby. You suddenly feel very hungry, it was almost 4. You ask a girl where you can find something to eat, and she points you in the direction of a snack machine. You look at the machine. It says to send a pulse of energy through the senor, or deposit money. You have no money, so you send a blast of fire at the sensor. The door opens, but a sign says to take only two things at a time. You take a large cookie and a can of juice. You look out the window and see a football pitch, or a soccer field. There is a volleyball net as well. You walk out into the field where they were. there is a fountain on one side of the quad. Its a large patch of grass surrounded by the dorm building. You see a pool in the opposite side of the building. "This is too cool." you whisper. When you finish eating, you go out and walk around on the sidewalk, exploring. The day classes must've been done, because no one is out. You see several other dorm buildings, and see the difference between the boy's and girl's dorms. The girls were usually brightly painted, the boys were not. You see a park in the middle of the complex. It has cobblestone walkways and a pond with a fountain in the middle. there are a few benches, a low wall and a weird, jungle gym type thing. There were kids sitting on benches listening to music, and some on the jungle gym, reading. You see Caden on a bench. You go sit beside him. "Hey," he says flatly. "I had to leave so they could redo my dorm. This place is so cool." you tell him. He smiles. "It is, isn't it?"
  10. You pat his knee and hope he is alright. You decide to go seek out Simon. You walk around the campus and see it is really interesting. There are kids on small stages singing or acting. Some are having fire/water battles, and laughing after. A few kids play guitar on the sidewalk. You are almost run over by a skateboarder. The sun sets in the autumn sky and you sit down to look at it. You sigh, remembering yesterday, when you found out what you were. It seems like an eternity ago. You feel very tired all of the sudden. You feel someone sit next to you. You look to see Simon. "I was looking for you." you say. "Yeah, I see. You must have looked for hours." he says sarcastically. You laugh. "What did Cadel want?" you ask. "He wanted to know about you. You've been the second person to have all the powers." he says. "Who is the first?" you ask. "The leader of the Carauns. I expect they want you to join them." Simon says. You gasp. He takes your hand. "Hey, it's okay. It's fine." he says. You nod, hoping he is right. "So, are we like, boyfriend girlfriend now?" he asks. You shake your head. "I don't know. I'm just confused right now. I can't promise anything." you say shyly. He nods and stands up. "I thought that's what you would say." he says and leaves. You hold your head in your hands. You get up and walk back to your dorm building. Walking back to your room, you hear loud techno music coming from Koko's room. You peek in. Her room has a double bed with pink and purple bedding. There is a fluffy pink rug in the center of the spacious room. On her dresser you see a stereo and a pile of CDs. Koko is lying on her bed, nodding to the music, and reading. You laugh. You walk back to your room and see a wide hammoc stretched in a corner of the wall. There are two mirrors on the wall. A large carpet simular to Koko's but blue and green. There are some stools and a desk with a similar stereo and a stack of CDs. "Who still uses these?" you laugh to yourself. You lay down on your bed and immeadiatley fall asleep. You dream you are in the tree and the Carauns women finds you. Simon pushes you out of the tree and laughs. The woman catches you and takes you to a river and puts you in to drown. You sit bolt upright, sweating. You realize it was a dream and get up. You shower in the bathroom across the hall. You go back to your room and pick out an outfit that is perfect. (you can also apply makeup, but if that's not your thing, than that's okay). You walk to the lobby and see it's empty, except for Koko. She is drinking coffee, staring at a laptop.
  11. "What are you doing?" you ask. "Looking at our classes. We have the same ones! Look!" she says, turning the laptop towards you. You read through them. "When do we start?" you ask. "Tommorrow, I guess. This place is awesome!" she says. "Ha! That's exactly what I said!" you shout, and you mean it. Tommorrow begins your training, and a normal, stable life.

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