Communist or capitalist

You may have heard about communists in social studies class, and you may have thought "I'll never be one of them, they're stupid", but you may be surprised to see you're not as capitalistic as you thought. Or are you?

A communist is a person that believes in community, and often state, control of the means of production. This applies to land also. Capitalists on the other hand, believe in private ownership of the means of production and land. Please answer honestly. You won't be discriminated against no matter what.

Created by: Ryan

  1. Should workers have increases power over their bosses?
  2. Should the means of production (factories and such) be owned in common by workers?
  3. Is economic equality necessary for civilized society?
  4. Should we have money in our society?
  5. What is your favorite color?
  6. Is Russia or The U.S.A. better?
  7. From each according to his abilty, to each according to his need, is a good idea
  8. Should land be held in common by a community?
  9. Are corporations good for society?
  10. Is the profit motive the best motive in terms of innovation

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