The Communist Quiz

There are those who call them selves Communist even though they are truly capitalist, or those that call themselves Capitalist,but are actually Communist.

Are you a true communist, or a capitalist? Find out by taking this simple, and short ten question quiz that will probably take you no more than 5 minuets.

Created by: Fyodor

  1. Have you read Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx?
  2. Do you believe in equality and fairness for all(including wages)?
  3. Do you believe the market should be free, or state controlled?
  4. Name one of Lenin's quotes.
  5. What do you refer or call the leader of a Communist state?
  6. Are Liberals, and Democrats the same thing as communists?
  7. Are corporations the same as people?
  8. What did Karl Marx say would happen when the whole world was communist and is this true?
  9. What do you think of Joseph Stalin?
  10. Are you a Communist?

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