come on,let's see the future!(next year)

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Next year could happen bilion things in could be could be could be could be the worst year in your could

be the best year in your this quiz i'll tell you how will your year be!wanna know the answer?so take this quiz right now and find out after you clicked "submit"!xD

Created by: dragon

  1. first of all,are you planing for next year?
  2. If you are,is it good for people or bad?
  3. Life is all about....
  4. You want to think about future:
  5. Do you think 2012 is the end of the world?
  6. A big news(for the people who said it's the end of the world):It's being 3 mounths of starting 2012..and guess what?!nothing happend!(sorry if i was alittle mean:)
  7. Do you like your life so far?
  8. Do like this year finishes?
  9. Now here are the boring questions that you can see them in 90% of GTQ's quizes:
  10. What's your favorite color?
  11. What's your hobby?
  12. So that's the end of this quiz...bye!

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