unknown possibilities

well you are an 16 year old girl who seems normal to everyone else but somthing is not right about and you know it. its just a matter of time before you know the truth

whats going to happen next, does he like you or does he hate you or is he in between.. nobody knows but you.. remember its your future..and you will soon find out

Created by: rain
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  1. your on your way to school kinda tired from your lake of sleep last night but you thought you be use to the weird nightmares by now.you don't tell any one not even your friends or family until you find out yourself whats wrong with you
  2. all of a sudden a boy comes up beside you and says 'i don't think anything is wrong with you .. you mind if i walk you to school'you say' ahh sure i never seen you around here before you new or something''he say'' uhmm sure i kinda just got here yesterday oo by the way the names chris''you'' really? looks like i'm your first friend here then huh names* insert name here*'chris' yes you sure are and i wouldn't have it any other way' you both laugh and enter the school
  3. you both say your good byes and head to you classes but before you both go your seprate ways chris asks' you think i could walk you home.. i liked to know more about you'you' sure that sound fun' chris's face lights up and he says charmly' i wouldn't miss it' and he walks off to his class.but you are stuck staring at how handsum and charming he is and you end up late for your first class
  4. so you go through all your classes and its time to go home.you get your things out of your locker and turn toward the school exit and get ready to met chris when he pops up and front of you and says 'you ready to go you look shocked and really don't know what to say then he breaks the silents 'did i scare you? i'm so sorry.still shocked you shake it off and you two walk toward your house laughing and talkin
  5. so you guys reach the last block before your house and you look at chris's face and look kinda unsure he says'i'm not sure if want to take you home just yet..i'm having more fun then i exspected' he turn and looks at you with this deep loving exspersion and then blushs at you .. it was hard to look away from his hazel eyes.you say 'yeah i know what you mean' but then you remember you have homework.you say' well there is always tomorrow i better get goin' as you way toward your house chris lighly grabs your hand pulling towards him chris says' wait i have to tell you somthing... somthing you need to know'' you'' whats up' chris ' never mind maybe later but you do know i leave like three houses down from you right? so i won't be far if you need me' you' well you shouldn't have told me that i might sneak up and your room somtime(you say joking) chris say' i wouldn't mind i'd be waiting' you both laugh and say good bye
  6. after you finished your home work you decided to recap what happened between chris and you. you keep thinkin about what chris said[ i have somthing to tell you ... somthing you need to know]you slowly start sliping into a deep sleep.you start dreaming. you are at your house sitting on the front proch. when you see chris walking towards you. chris looks differnt, kinda glowing and he is followed by three other boys one had short nicly spiky black hair with nice green eyes [shawn]the other had curly dirty blond hair with brown eyes [daven]and the last one had blue eyes with brown hair[eric].chris comes toward you and says 'sence i couldn't tell you when you were awake i'll just have to tell you when your sleep. these our my friends their like my brothers.'daven'hi' shawn'hey'eric just glares at you.chris says' we were sent here to help protect you. once again your speechless you alway wondered why chris made you feel that way but then you snap out of it and say'PROTECT Me FROM WHAT' chris says 'yourself'your stuned but manage to say'your kidding me right' chris says' no let me explain 'but before he could finish you are woken up by a bangin at your front door
  7. iknow ur mad ..sorry
  8. whats you favorite color
  9. you slowly but catiously move towards the door.. at this point your unsure what to do
  10. you decide to ask who is at the door..you get no response and the knocking gets harder and louder.....
  11. you decide to try and go out the backdoor to chris's house but you fall and hit your head.. as soon as that happens the door busted open and all you see is the grey figure coming towrds and you pass out...cliffhanger..sorry

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