The Dumb Conquistador

Welll, s--- :D I forgot about these little boogers. I'll just give the descriptions. Jennifer: A tall, rough looking, 20 year old girl. Copper brown hair that extends to her shoulder blades. Natural honey brown highlights. Dazzling emerald green eyes. 5'8.

Abigail: A more petite, calm-natured, 17 3/4 year old girl. Wavy strawberry blond hair that reaches her collarbone. She has a sidebang, and she wears a hot pink feather in her hair. Very, very, blue eyes that look like the ocean. 5'7.

Created by: Birdsong234

  1. Chapter One: A new beginning (Jennifer's POV) "Abigail? What the hell are you doing?" I sighed, as my sister, Abigail clomped across my room. She was grasping a creepy looking piece of paper, studying it with a look of what I would call, borderline insane.  "DON'T TALK TO ME. SHUSHSUSHUSHHHH..." She smothered my face with her hand, not taking her eyes off the paper. "I swear, if this is another one of your boyfriends maps to his room..." I was cut short as she fell backwards onto me, causing me to crack my head on my bed-frame. Scowling, I rubbed my head with one hand and grabber her arm with the other. "What is it, Abigail?!" She frowned, took one last look at the paper, then handed it to me.  "I found this in mom's dresser...."
  2. Hi. I'm Jennifer. You're probably pondering about that piece of paper, correct? Most likely. Well, that one ratty, smelly, thing was probably the greatest thing that happened to me and Abby in a long time. We were very happy, me, Abby, and my parents. That is, until my parents decided they would go to visit my aunt and uncle without us. I still question why they didn't take us.  A police man showed up at our doorstep at about 2am, looking like something tragic had just occurred. Apparently, something had. My dear parents had been in a car accident, and they both died instantly. I broke down. The officer stayed with me, good man, until I gained control of myself. Since I was a legal adult, age 20, and my sister was nearly 18, we didn't have to go anywhere. It wasn't like we wanted to. Why would we leave all our parents things behind, to be given away?  So now, me and my sister live alone, in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Let's talk a bit more about the paper, shall we?
  3. I smoothed out the crinkles in the paper, eyes pricking with tears.  "Mom's?" I asked. She nodded. Blinking rapidly a few times, I ran my gaze across the paper. It was written in sloppy handwriting, with some sort of detailed drawing at the bottom. I couldn't read it, nor could Abby. Cracking my knuckles in frustration, we both whipped our heads to the door in surprise, as the doorbell rang 3 long times. Our families distress signal.
  4. Hi! I'm back from the dead! >:D And I know, I know, this is really freaking short. BUUUT, I'm tired and I must get up in about 6 hours. So. How many of you missed me/How many of you who knew me are still alive? :D
  5. Filler D: Post in the comments what you think of it so far!
  6. Geezum. Too many things to fill out.
  7. Four more to go! Again, sorry it was so short D:
  8. I've been holding pee for you guys, for like, a half an hour D:<
  9. You guys should most definitely read the Warrior Cats series. Cat's are in them. They're also called warriors. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.
  10. AHAAAA LAST ONE! FREEDOM! I actually wouldn't be surprised if most of you left before now.

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