College Life Part 4

Thanks for taking my quiz!! I really appreciate all your help for making them better each time. i wish I could of made them longer but I have a better idea that you might enjoy more.

Thanks for taking my quiz!! I really appreciate all your help for making them better each time. i wish I could of made them longer but I have a better idea that you might enjoy more. yup

Created by: RayRay

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  1. Daniel catches up with you and grabs you by the arm. He covers your mouth and carries your kicking and screaming body back to the house. He carries you to your room and throw you onto your bed. You look at him showing no fear. He says "wow ______. You are a lot more feisty than Rocky said you were." "What do you mean Rocky said I was feisty?!" "Rocky is one of my minions. He has been lying to you all this time so I can get you and he can get his full powers." "YOUR LYING!" "Ha! No I'm not! You can all him and ask him yourself. Put him on speaker" You pull out your phone and call Rocky. "_____! Are you okay?!" "Yeah I'm fine! Daniel said you were one of the bad guys.. I didn't believe him but it would be nice to get some reassurance." "Damn! You found out? Well yep! I'm on his side. Oh and don't worry your friends won't be joining you anytime soon." "WHAT?! Rocky what are you talking about?! What did you do to Collie and Shane!!" "I did nothing to either of them. My helpers just sorted them out."
  2. "What do you mean sorted them out?" "Let's just say they lost their heads looking for you..." "NO!!" You hung up the phone and looked at Daniel. "Told you." "Wait. Why did you want me? What are you going to do with me??" "You really don't remember me do you? Do you remember junior high when I told you that I had a huge crush on you and you made my life hell by rejecting me in front of all those people??" "Wait.. Demonc Daniel?" "Please stop calling me that. I brought you here so you can be my wife for all eternity. or until I die." "Daniel. I am so sorry but this isn't the way to deal with this. I mean you've grown up to be this hot bad boy just to impress me and bring me to your house?" "Not exactly. I didn't deliberately become this hot bad boy." He smirked. You know you shouldn't but you kept staring at his lips. You were strangely attracted to him right now. "_____. You know I can read minds so I know what you're thinking right now."
  3. He climbs onto the bed with you and starts kissing you passionately. He puts his hand around your waist and starts kissing your neck. You don't know what to do but just lay there and see where things go. Just then you realize you shouldn't be doing this. He is now starting to take of your pants and you cant move your arms. "Stop" you say faintly. "What was that ______? I know you want this. i do too." As soon as he said that you realize that his shirt was off and so was yours. You are now only in your underwear and he is only wearing boxers. "STOP!" You pry his hands off of your waist and you scramble to the other side of the bed. He tells you he's sorry that you didn't go through with because now he will have to...
  4. he will have to kill you. He drags you down to his basements where you see all of his weapons. he ties you up to a pole and holds a knife to your neck. You are limp and useless because of what he was doing to you. His powers overtook control of your body and you didn't know what to do anymore. He slit your throat and you heal instantly. He does it again and you keep healing. "So that's your power... Well how am I supposed to kill you??" "You don't have to.. Please just let me go. I will give you anything you want." "All I wanted was you but since you won't let me have that I guess no one wins." "Please I will help you find someone better but you can't keep doing this!" "YOU DON'T GET IT!! YOU HUMILIATED ME!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT FELT LIKE!?!!?? THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE JUST BETRAY YOU LIKE THAT??!?" He breaks down into tears and you can finally move your body. you work your way through the knots and run. you run and call the police.
  5. As soon as a blink of an eye the police are at the door. They kick the door in and rush to look around. You are standing outside in your underwear crying and scared. The police pull Daniel out of the house in handcuffs and put him inside of the police car. A policeman comes and helps you up and takes you to the police station
  6. He explains to you that you will need to go into foster care for a while. He asks you questions about what happened and you answer but not in detail. he gives you some time alone in his office and goes to talk to some other officers about your situation.
  7. 1 year later*** The foster caretaker pulls you into her office. "Mrs. Baker? What's going on?" "Well _______, there is a couple that want to adopt you." "Really?" "Yes. They will be taking you today. They've wanted you for six months but we had to make sure you were ready. "I'm ready."
  8. 3 years later*** It's been 4 years since the incident happened. I have been staying at the Smiths for as long as I need to. They are so kind. They are like a second family. I love them. A lot. I don't think about what happened anymore. I just move on with my life. I am happy now with my new friends and my new life. I don't let anything get in my way anymore because it all seemed a little.. twisted.
  9. Thank you for taking my series. I will be starting my new one as soon as possible and it should be longer than this one. I should hopefully do one every week or maybe everyday IDK. So thanks to all that helped make my quizzes better
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