Closer Together Part 13

This is part 13 of Closer Together. This part is more tragic. Maybe more for some than others *looks slighty at rhimicha* Anyway, leave in the comments which guy you like best ;) i hope you like this part!!! Okay! Read on!

Okay! You can skip this paragrph! But again welcome to part 13 :) Dont forget too: comment, and rate! :P Why do we need 2 paragraphs lol. anyway READ ON! And yeah like i said skip this paragraph.

Created by: stargazer5660

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  1. *YOUR POV* I wake up a little while later in Matts lap with my head resting on his shoulder. I smile a little. 'Who would've thought me and matt would like eachother?' i think with a laugh. Matt starts to wake up. "Hey there stranger" he says with a smile. "Haha. Imma go walk around for a minutte" i tell him. "Ok"
  2. As i start to get up i hear a scream and i whip back around too Matt. All of a sudden someone punches me in the head. Matts screaming and his eyes look wide eyed and frantic. I ht the ground, the sound of a bone breaking seems so loud. The screams get louder and i glance up, the blood making my vision blurry. The last thing i see is the knife stabbing into Matts back. Before i black out.
  3. *ERICS POV* 'Hopefully that punch was hard enough to.. i dunno... KILL Scourge' I think with a smirk. Now time to wipe out the others. I look down at Scourge and kick him into the wall. The wall of Flame's dungeon.
  4. *GARRETTS POV* I sit slumped against a tree. Ugh today has been a bad day. Eric explained to us about Jade... but i havent seen her all day. Come to think of it Eric's been missing too. I jump up and my eyes widen with fear. "HELP!!!!" Jade's scream echoes in my head. Which means one thing. Jade's in trouble.
  5. I leap up too my feet and run to get the other guys. "ZACH!! JAKE!"i yell. "What!? what!?" i hear someone say behind me. I turn around, oh good its Jake. He sounds frantic and impatient. "I have something to show you and NOW!" he says. His eyes are wide and so frantic they almost look red. "Ok but Jade's-" i start. He cuts me off "I know where Jade is... and i think i've found the place." he tells me. "What place?" i ask dumbly. "Flame's dungeon"
  6. *SCOURGES POV* I weakly sit up and groan. My head is killing me... i touch my head lightly and scream as pain jolts through it. "SCOURGE!? IS THAT YOU....?" i hear someone calling my name. "Yea" i say in a raspy voice. Im weak and my throat is dry Whatdya expect!? A voice smooth as honey? Uh no.
  7. I look up and see the persn was Zach. He stares at my head. "One side is smashed in... how are you not dead!?" he asks. "I dont know" i sy lamely. All of a sudden he closes his eyes and lays a hand on the hurt side of my head. I scream in pain. Suddenly the pain stops a little... "Zach what did you do...?" i ask him, my voice quivering. "I dont know... i think i unlocked one of my powers..." he says faintly. "Oh" i reply. then i pass out... AGAIN
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