Closer Together Part 11

Hey! ;D wow part 11 already! Lol. I have a feeling you might like this part! Go read Find The Wysteria by rhimicha (after u read my quizzes xD) Omg im tired it was 2am when i made this and the night be4 i stayed up till 4am :/ *yawns* xD. Rate and comment!!! :P

Why does gotoquiz make us do 2 paragraphs!? My wrist hurts from holding my DSI up and typing xD. hope u like this part plz rate and comment. I want cheeseburgers xD. La la la! ok anyway lol. Enjoy and read on. Dont worry tnere will still be kissing with Garrett, Matt, Eric, Jake, and Zack later on :P. Ok bye bye now! PLZ READ THE PARTING WORDS ↓↓↓

Created by: stargazer5660

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  1. *SCOURGES POV* We kept running and i think we lost the guards. Just then Jade (which is you, if ur confused read part 10 again) stumbled and fell to the ground. I sit down and make sure she was okay. "Why are you helping me?" she whispers. I smile a little. "Because i never wanted to capture you in the first place." She seems to believe me and we both just sit there for a minute. Im starting to feel faint and i can tell she notices. "Why dont u rest..." she tells me. "But i want to ttalk to you, make sure everything is fine and tell you my story." I say firmly. Finally i accept her answer "In the morning".
  2. *YOUR POV* I wake up in the woods with the sunlight streaming across my face. I smile a little and look over at Scourge. He's still sleeping and im still not sure if I should trust him. But he did save me... Well he said something about telling me his story. Maybe it would explain like hmm EVERYTHING? I wish it would. Well im still laying down its probably time to get up before the guys... I sit up quickly. The guys! If they find us they'll kill Scourge. I cant let that happen. Something about him lets me know i can trust him. I see him waking up and i smile a little. Wait... im not falling for him... am i?
  3. *SCOURGES POV* I wake up and see Jade glancing at me. "Good Morning" i say quietly. She smiles. "Good morning" I sit up slowly. "You hungry or do you want me to explain first?" i ask. She laughs, "Um there's no food duh!" I laugh to. "Yeah i probably shoulda thought of that" I say sheepishly. She sits beside me "story?" she asks. So i start telling my story.
  4. *ERICS POV* Man im scared about Skylar... i mean Jade... im so used to the other guys calling her Skylar i forgot her name was Jade. And ugh as soon as i get my hands on Scourge imma... imma... "ERIC! COME BACK TO PLANET EARTH" I hear a voice saying to me. I look up. Garretts glaring at me. "Just listen, ok so if i take us to where he took Skylar we can track them from there.We should probably bring food and stuff.." I tell them. Garrett kicks the wall."I just wanna find Skye and make sure that stupid idiot hasnt hurt her!!!" he yells. That hurt, I mean yes Scourge can be mean but he's my brother and i dont want people calling him a stupid idiot."
  5. *SCOURGES POV* When i was 12 there was this one girl I always hung out with. We were like best friends but when i was 13 I knew it was true love. We both knew about magic also... we both had magic powers. We got them at midnight the first time we kissed and then the ground burst into flames. I remember the next day discovering our powers. It all started with the locket. Jade pulls the locket out. I almost forgot she was there. "See the words?" i ask her.
  6. I lean closer to show her but find myself lost in her eyes. But its like we both cant look away. Finally she blushes and looks down at the locket. "I.. i um.. sorry..." i stammer out. She kisses me on the cheek. "Its ok, now on with the story." she says with a small smile. Her voice is so soft and delicate. I shake my head and get back to reality. I cant love her. I cant love her and then lose her and have it that i wasn't able to save her.... I can't love her, but i do love her. And there's no way to stop that. I stare at the locket as memories flood into me and then i continue my story. The story that doesn't have the perfect happy ending.
  7. The last sentence on the locket. ' With magic and love 2 shall remain but in the end just 1 shall gain'. There was 3 of us. Me, Alice, and my cousin. When Alice and I were 14 we had to battle against the dark side. My cousin died and just as the locket said me and alice won. But then the final words on the locket. Came true. (Just 1 shall gain) Alice's powers went away and they killed her. And IM the one that couldn't save her! Flame took me and told me if I didn't work for him and capture his daughter he would kill my whole family. So I had no choice. For the past 2 years i've grown up feelin like a loser. Like im so weak that i cant even save myself. Thats why i said "im sorry"when i captured Jade... i never meant to hurt anyone. Now im afraid of losing Jade.
  8. I finish my story. Jade looks at me dor a moment and then leans over and gives me a soft kiss. "If your worried about losing me you might as well spend all the time you got with me" she says with a playful grin. I smile when all of a sudden 5 guys crash into the woods and knocks me out. Last thing i remember is the word "help."
  9. *ERICS POV* I saw them kiss and i felt so mad. Thats when i decided to crash in. Jade saw the hurt in my eyes and knew i saw them. But all she did was slighty shake her head and try to wake up Scourge. Why is she siding wth him!? They have alot to explain.
  10. *MATTS POV* I see Jade. (yes he knows ur real name is Jade) I can tell she doesnt want us to hurt him. And there's a reason why. '
  11. THATS ALL FOR PART 11! :D Ok so myy birthday is in 7 days so i will be workin hard on part 12!it will prob be out within a week

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