Clash of Clans #2

Welcome to my quiz. This is a great game. You should play this and I also think you have some knowledge about this game. So I wanted to try it out. Check out in my quiz.

This quiz is very,very,very interesting because it is about Coc. Do you have knowledge about it? Let's check it out. Take this quiz and get the answer to tje above question. Because you will never get a quiz like this.

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

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  1. Do you play Clash of clans?
  2. How many Town Hall levels are there in Clash of Clans?
  3. What is the last troop in the baracks?
  4. What is the last troop in Dark Baracks?
  5. Which spell makes clones of your troops?
  6. How many clan levels are there?
  7. What is the maximum number of members in a clan?
  8. What is the gender of PEKKA?
  9. How much elixir is needed to unlock dragon?
  10. What is the first troop in baracks?

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