Choose an Adventure~The Jungle

PLEASE READ!!! I will forewarn you, this quiz is not for the faint of heart. There's a heck of a lot of blood in this particular part, so bear with me.

If you don't like gore, just ask what happened on the comments and I'm sure someone will tell you. Oh, and tell me any character ideas you have! I have an open position for lead evil hot dude!

Created by: Bookworm123

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  1. I grabbed a few things. Who knows what sort of things hide in the jungle? This was going to be one heck of a trip. Someone knocked on my door. "Come in," I said as I ransacked my dad's "private" weapons collection. "Hey, ready to go?" Chris asked. "Gimme a moment," I said. Quickly, I dug to the back of his collection and found a dagger with my initials on it. Dad was planning on giving it to me for my eighteenth birthday, but I needed it a bit early. I pocketed it quietly and grabbed my backpack. "Ready," I said cheerfully.
  2. We hopped into the cab, where a pale faced Jessie was waiting. I nearly told her to go home, but I knew she would just fight until she got her way. Chris smiled at the two of us, completely oblivious of Jessie's stark white face. "Jessie, you need to get some color into those cheeks. You're practically a ghost!" I joked nervously. "She has good reason to be scared. What with the lions," Chris chimed in. "And tigers," I added. "And bears," Chris finished. "Oh my," Jessie said. If possible, she got even paler. By the time we got to the airport, however, she was her normal, smiling self.
  3. We boarded the airplane without much trouble. In fact, our trip to Colombia was very monotonous. Well, if you consider two planes, a boat, and three bus rides monotonous. By the end of the ordeal, we all had empty stomachs, sore butts (the seats weren't good nearing the end of the journey), and red eyes. Jessie had it worst of all. She was a tough girl, but she could be such a city girl sometimes. For all I knew, she hadn't even been camping before, much less trek through the jungles of Colombia. Still, she never complained. Had to give her credit for bravery and stubbornness. An hour after we climbed aboard our final bus, we reached a small, dingy hotel that Chris had gotten us reservations for. "I thought you said it was five stars!" Jessie said angrily. "In Colombia right outside the jungle? This IS five stars," he muttered. We walked to our room, which was even dirtier than the rest of the place, and pulled out our sleeping bags. "Get a good night's sleep, you two. We need the brain power," Chris said before blowing out the candle. The last thing I remember was hoping that the ceiling wouldn't collapse on top of us.
  4. I woke up to see Chris driving a horrible excuse for a car. How did I get here? Jessie smiled when she saw me awake. "You slept in, so we plopped you in shotgun," she said bluntly. I nodded and looked down. "Did you dress me?" I asked her. "Yeah. Chris wanted to, but I wouldn't let him." Chris turned to me and grinned slyly. When he turned back, I mouthed my thanks to Jessie. "So where are we going?" I asked to ease the tension. "There," Chris said, pointing to a rather shadowy part of the jungle. "What was the clue?" "'Find the pinnacle of evil and two turns take. It is marked by the gods' grave mistake.' Jessie suggested the holy burial ground of the local people, so guess where we're going?" Chris said grimly. "Great," I murmured. "Dead people."
  5. =Flashback= My mom took my hand and led me to a secret compartment. "Stay put until I call for you," she said. I nodded. "I love you. Don't forget it." "Mommy, what's going on?" "I love you, sweetie." She closed the door, enveloping me in darkness. Mom opened the front door. Someone yelled and a deafening bang rang through the house. I nearly called for my mom, but it might still be dangerous outside. After hours of silence, I dared to peek outside. "Mommy?" I whispered. Silence. "Mom?" I said, a little louder. Sirens blared in the distance, but I ignored them. I tiptoed into the living room and shrieked. The sight that awaited me was so grisly, I could hardly bare it. A body was hanging by its toes from the ceiling fan. Someone had taken a knife to it and disfigured it beyond all recognition. Blood and bodies were everywhere, covering nearly every inch of the once elegant room. Around the body on the fan was a locket. My mom's locket. The sirens were getting louder, until they were almost as loud as the bang. The door fell off its hinges and several police officers stormed in. Some went to check the rest of the house, but one came and picked me up. The next weeks were living hell to me. First I had to tell the police what happened, then I had to go to therapy. Doctor Thompson was the sort of doctor who seemed to enjoy watching me squirm as I relived that day again and again. A year later, the officer who picked me up ended up on my doorstep. "I thought you would enjoy this," he said, handing me a box. Inside the box was my mom's locket. I had almost forgotten it, with the therapy and the court and the adoption agencies. Inside was a picture of her and my birth dad, holding me. I slammed the door in his face and threw the locket on the floor, sure that my past had come to haunt me and confident that I would throw it away the next day. And guess what? I was still wearing it in Colombia, the place where my first home was and where my mother died.
  6. I feared dead people as much as I feared spiders, needless to say. What?! Fear of spiders is very rational! They have eight creepy crawly legs and big old pincers and lots of tiny eyes and sticky webs and... Ick! Um, right. Back to the story. So as I was saying, I hated dead people. And a graveyard? Not the best place to be. A bump in the road brought me back to reality. "Can I see the map?" I asked Chris. He handed it to me without a word. It was in Spanish! Perhaps it was just a mistranslation. I read it and shuddered. Definitely mistranslated, but the reality was much, much worse. "You misread it. It says 'At the point of Evil where the gods' army rests, the choice shall be made between the two roads.'" Chris stopped the car. "Still the same location, _____. All that changes is the rhyme and the end." I swore under my breath. This was going to be one long ride.
  7. (Time Forward) Chris stopped the van. "Here we are, the abandoned city of Hell." I turned to face him. "Hell?" I said worriedly. "Yeah, not scared of any demons, are we?" he said spookily. (Half the bodies in the living room were withered from either age or fire. One of them had demon horns drilled into its head) "Point of Evil. So this is the place?" I asked. "Yup. That temple over there has the burial ground. Escort me, fair lady?" he said in mock snobbishness. "But of course," I returned, giggling. Half of it was nervous, and the other was genuine laughter. Jessie walked behind us and kept looking at me wickedly. Why? I never told her about my past. Perhaps she was fond of ghost stories and found my fear laughable. That was probably it.
  8. When we got there, it was pretty much just mounds of dirt. A couple of them had been robbed. We continued to walk through the graveyard when I slipped into one of the empty graves. "You okay?" Chris yelled. "Yeah, its just dark down here," I said, trying to mask the fear in my voice as something squished in my hands. Chris grabbed a flashlight and shone it down to the bottom of the pit. I screamed at the top of my lungs. In front of me was a body. Not just the dry, crusty sort, but the wet, moldy, not-completely-decomposed sort. Chris grabbed me and pulled me out. My locket felt cold against my neck. "_____! Calm down!" Chris said, pulling me into a hug. Jessie looked into the pit and started mumbling "Oh my word. Oh my word. Oh my word" over and over again. "Shh," someone whispered soothingly. I started to calm down and breathe normally.
  9. "I'm fine, I'm fine," I reassured. Chris helped me stand back up and Jessie was still murmuring. "Come on, let's go," I said, shivering. We walked to the car when I heard an unnatural beeping. "Chris?" I asked. He seemed oblivious. "Yeah?" "I meant go down the road at the point of the temple." He frowned. "I've had enough of-" He stopped. "Yeah, let's RUN!" he yelled. We sprinted away right in time, because the car blew up. Bodies buried near the blast flew into the air. Jessie shrieked. Behind us was a strange man. He was bald and had an eye patch. Chris suddenly went pale. "He must work for Isadora," he muttered under his breath. "Isa-who?" Jessie asked. "She's the one who I got the map from." We stood in silence, staring at the man. "When I say run, run," Chris said quietly. The bald man took a step forward. "RUN!" Chris yelled. Jessie grabbed my hand and dragged me into the jungle. In front of us were two paths, a right one and a left one. Chris was gone. The right one looked pretty well used, but the left one hardly looked like a path at all. Jessie looked at me worriedly. "Well? Which way?" she asked. I pondered over this. I chose...
  10. Sorry this took me a while to write. Cold+End of school=disaster. Also, sorry for the gore. I don't really have a good excuse for that so... Sorry! Oh, and one more thing. On my last quiz I said these quizzes wouldn't be romantic. That's true... About the city option. See, the city is based off of Sherlock Holmes and the jungle is based off of Indiana Jones. Indi has quite a bit of romance, but the quiz isn't completely romance-oriented. I was frustrated, so that's why there's so much blood. Bye!

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