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PLEASE READ!!! Thank you for your support. Continue telling me your opinion in the comments! This part is only for the people who chose to go to the city, so please wait patiently for the next one if you got the jungle.

PLEASE READ! Thank you for your support. Continue telling me your opinion in the comments! This part is only for the people who chose to go to the city, so please wait patiently for the next one if you got the jungle.

Created by: Bookworm123

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  1. Jessie lugs her suitcase into the back if my car. "What's that?" I ask, eying some items that... Well, let's just say she's in a lot of trouble if a cop pulls us over. "Necessary precautions against thugs and stuff," she says defensively. I sigh and wait for her to buckle her seat belt. "Ready? Let's go!" I say. She pulls out an iPod and starts playing music. I glare at her. "You know, music plays a large part in accidents. Classical music has been proven to relax the driver too much, while hard rock-" "Maybe keeping your eyes on the road will help you avoid a crash. Besides, what else will I do for an hour?" I look at the street in front of me and attempt to ignore Jessie for the rest of the drive.
  2. An hour later, we get our first glimpse of the city. Even I am impressed. To my right are towering skyscrapers that seem to stretch out into infinity. Everything is metallic. In fact, it reminds me of the futuristic cities in cartoons where everything is made of chrome and cars fly. It appears to be a perfect business capital. To my left, however, are the hustling crowds, old pubs and new restaurants. Hot dog carts are scattered through the crowd, all claiming to have the best food in the world and all run by fat men with greying hair, along with several stands selling anything from magazines to flowers to teddy bears. The colors are overwhelming. From all the colors of the rainbow to some that I can't so much as name. Most important are the smells and sounds. Everyone is yelling, pushing, shoving. Children are crying and some are throwing fits. Some are even doing both. It smells like burnt hotdogs, flowers, and car exhaust. This place is the perfect metropolis.
  3. "_____!" Jessie screams. I look in front of me. The light is red. I slam on the breaks, causing the tires to screech horribly. "You okay?" I ask her. "Of course. We didn't hit anything, numbskull," she snaps. I raise my eyebrows and she pulls together an overly-sweet, sugary smile. "Sorry, I was just shocked," she says. I think she's laying it on a bit thick, but I say nothing. We reach the hotel with no more surprises. As we bring our luggage in, a boy knocks me over. "Hey!" I yell. He stands up and reaches out his hand for me to grab. I accept and he pulls me up. "Are you alright?" he asks. "Yeah, fine," I say gruffly. He smiles politely and walks away. "People here aren't as bad as I thought they were," Jessie says thoughtfully. I disagree.
  4. I wonder why he knocked me over. I wonder why he pulled me back up. I also wonder why I even agreed to come on this trip. Oh, right. I just couldn't resist Jessie's beautifully spun stories of murder and mystery. I am such a softie. Maybe this would all be easier if I had never read Sherlock Holmes. If only I had just stuck with watching Indiana Jones, then the world would be right again. Jessie tugs on my arm. "Come on, we gotta get to our room!" she squeals happily. I trip as she yanks me. When she opens the door, my first impression is of a modern palace. In the front half is a movie/television style room complete with a T.V. in the wall! The closet is half empty for clothes, half full of movies and television box sets.
  5. The other room is book-themed, complete with not walls, but bookshelves! It's like a library with a bed inside. "Dibs," I call faintly from the library room. "Sorry, didn't catch that," Jessie yells. "Dibs on the library!" I say, a bit louder, placing my things on the bed. "Good to know." I smile. She isn't even listening. Oh well. I get in my pajamas and pounce in bed. Sherlock Holmes was resting conveniently above my head, so I grab them and read myself asleep.
  6. ~Dream Mode~ I chase Sherlock through the streets of the city. "Where are we going?" I ask. "_____, How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? Think long and hard on that," Sherlock says, huffing and puffing all the while. I nod. "So you know the killer?" I ask. "No. But remember," he says, suddenly changing into the black-haired boy from school. "Just stay away from Desdemona." "But who's Desdemona?" I ask as he fades away. Sherlock appears one last time. "The Improbable One," he yells, even though it sounds more like a faint whisper.
  7. +Reality+ I sit up, sending the book flying off my face. "Hey, sleepy head," Jessie says. "Welcome back to the land of the living. How late did you stay up?" I look at the clock drowsily. It is 12 P.M. "I dunno. Got anything good to eat?" I ask. "Someone sent us a gift basket. Isn't that nice?" she says. I walk to the basket and take a muffin. "Sure," I say. "Nice." The muffin tastes a bit off, but I shrug it off. I sit down and continue to read Sherlock Holmes. A few minutes later, a strange sensation comes over me. I feel my breaths growing smaller and smaller. I begin to gasp for air, but only the tiniest bits of oxygen are making it to my lungs. Just before I slip into unconsciousness, I grab my cell phone and dial 911.
  8. "She was poisoned?" "Yes. I'm shocked she's still with us, to be honest. If she hadn't called the police, she would probably be dead. How did you say the poison entered her system, again?" "Probably through the muffin she ate." "And where did the muffin come from?" "A gift basket on our doorstep yesterday." "Have you told the police yet?" "Of course, I was the first person they went to. Since I'm a 'witness' and all." "Well, perhaps you should watch your step. I have a feeling someone's got it out for you two." The words are entering my brain, but I find it hard to understand them. To my ears, they're just another noise. In fact, I find it hard to think at all. Thinking takes effort, and effort is a precious thing that I dare not waste. The first voice, though. I could swear I'd heard it before. Who was it? I attempt to open my eyes, but it feels as though someone has glued them shut. It takes so much energy to even try, it gives me a headache. I try to say that I'm fine, but only a moan escapes my lips.
  9. "____?" the first voice says hopefully. It is getting easier to think. Not much easier, but easier nonetheless. Suddenly, it clicks. Jessie is talking to me. I scrunch together every ounce of energy I have in me to say, "Hi Jess." She squeals. "Are you okay?" she asks. I groan inwardly. What a stupid question. Of course I'm not okay! I was poisoned, for crying out loud! Despite this, I still respond with a very unconvincing "Fine." I open my eyes slowly. Why is the room spinning? And why is everything so blurry? "What-" I begin. "You were poisoned," Jessie whispers quickly. The conversation I overheard is coming back to me. "Through the muffin, I know. But who?" I ask, hoping she doesn't answer with the person I dread it is the most. "The police don't know who poisoned you," she says, emphasizing 'the police' quite a lot. "Who do you think it is?" I ask cautiously. "Read the note that came with the basket. And yes, I withheld evidence. Just don't get touchy about it." I squint at the paper she hands me. I can barely read it, but I manage to make it out.
  10. #Reading# Keep your nose out of my business. Trust me, worse things happen to those who defy me. D
  11. The doctor bustles in. "All right, I just came back with the test results. You can leave tomorrow morning." She bustles right back out. "I should probably get going. See you tomorrow!" Jessie says cheerfully. I sit for a long time. Why does Desdemona want me dead? Perhaps it has something to do with the case I planned on solving. This is turning out to be one hell of a weekend, and I've spent half of it sitting in a hospital. I wonder what my parents will say when I finally get home. That's why I probably won't tell them what I did. Well, I probably won't tell them what I REALLY did. I might bend the truth a little... Or a lot. Looking over to my bedside table, I see the Sherlock Holmes books I had been reading. Jessie probably brought them for me. I pick one up and read myself to sleep for the second time.
  12. ~Dream Mode~ Sherlock is smiling grimly. "So who's Desdemona?" I ask. "Haven't I already told you? She's the Improbable One. You need to pay attention. Look at the facts. Search and use every shred of evidence to concoct the least impossible theory. Use what I've taught you, _____. Use what I've taught you."
  13. +Reality+ I sit up and dress myself in the clothes that Jessie brought me. She smiles as I grab the books and walk with her to my car. "______, have you figured out who D is?" she asks. I wonder how to tell her in a way that will make her understand.
  14. "She's a spider. A spider at the center of a web. A criminal web with a thousand threads and she knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances. Basically, she's the Improbable One."
  15. So I hope that one was better. Continue telling me if I should keep this story going, because if you ever stop, I will let it drop. By the way, the results take place once "you" get to the hotel. Now, for the moment of truth: Do you want to go home, or stay in the city and investigate further?

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