The Chinese Social Credit Test (Official)

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Welcome to the Social Credit Test, Try To Get Right All of Them then you will get a biggest surprise. I hope you are a good citizen and respect China. So Go Ahead And Take The Quiz! And Rate it 5 stars or else execution time! Long Live The Chinese Communist Party.

Wrong Answers Makes You Lose Social Credit, So If You Get All Of Them Wrong Or A Score Less Than 18, You are gonna have a biggest Punishment and Be Executed Next Hour. If you apologize for the wrong answers, try again! So, Sometimes You Get Right, You earn social credit, But Sometimes getting them wrong not a big deal, Long Live The Chinese Communist Party.

Created by: ryan wang
  1. First Question: How many kids do you need to have? This is a simple question. Difficulty: The First Difficulty.
  2. Question 2: What happened in Tiananmen Square On April 15th 1984 to June 4th 1984? The Questions Will Get Difficult Or Easier Every Question.
  3. Question 3: Do you love China and respect The Chinese President?
  4. Question 4: Which Do You Like Better? Capitalism or Communism?
  5. Question 5: It’s Taiwan a Country?
  6. Question 6: Who is the best person?
  7. Question 7: Should China Get Right Authorities?
  8. Question 8: What is the best food?
  9. Question 9: What Social Credit Do You Need To Get?
  10. Question 10: Do you love American?
  11. Question 11: It’s The Chinese President Winnie the Pooh?
  12. Question 12: It’s Winnie the Pooh is the best?
  13. Question 13: If you have -30,000,000 Social Credit, Would You Apologize To China For Saying Bad About China? So, Please Apologize For Saying Bad Things About China. If you did, Then What Happens...
  14. Question 14: What is Taiwan?
  15. Question 15: Do You Agree That You Should Say Good Things About China?
  16. Question 16: It’s Hong Kong and Taiwan The Best?
  17. Question 17: What is the best name in China?
  18. Question 18: Do you Think China Should Be All Over The World? If Yes, Then You Are The Bestest Of All The Time!
  19. Question 19: What is your last meal before Execution?
  20. Question 20: Do you think China should be winning all the fights?
  21. Question 21: How much do you play games per a week?
  22. Question 22: If you are playing video games for more than 3 hours, What should you do?
  23. Question 23: Can you search Chinese websites?
  24. Question 24: Are you allowed to go to any website expect for Chinese websites?
  25. Question 25: Are you gay?
  26. Question 26: Are you dumb?
  27. Question 27: Do You Ever Watch Chinese Videos?
  28. Question 28: Do you live in China?
  29. Question 29: Do you ever tell mr crabs a secret formula?
  30. Question 30: Do you agree for not being a Bad Chinese Citizen?
  31. Question 31: Do you speak Chinese?
  32. Question 32: All right, Let’s See How You Did To The Chinese Social Credit Test! Should You See How Well Do You Did?
  33. Question 33: Do you agree that all of the Chinese citizen has to follow the Chinese social credit rules to prove?
  34. Question 34: If All China Citizens Listens To The Chinese Social Credit Rules..
  35. Question 35: From at least 32 years ago In Tiananmen Square in April 15 And June 4 1989, If Something Happened on The Place. What Should You Do?
  36. Question 36: Do you sing Super Idol?
  37. Question 37: Do You Love Super Idol And Chinese Egg-man?
  38. Question 38: Do you have to agree that all of the Chinese citizens has to sing Chinese songs to earn social credit and to prove that the Chinese citizens will be a best Chinese singer? If yes, Then You Are The Greatest of all time! So, Sing To Earn Social Credit!
  39. Question 39: Do you love the Chinese symbols that are good?
  40. Question 40: Do You Accept The Chinese President Laws That Are Good, Awesome, Adore, Best?
  41. Question 41: Do You Love All The People Who Has More Social Credit, Don’t Play Video Games, Only Has 1 Kid, And Apologize?
  42. Question 42: Do You Have 1 Child, More Love, Less Hate, Social Credit, Didn’t Play Video Games, And Have A Good Rating in School That Has A More Than 70 Percent?
  43. Question 43: Do you activate the Chinese language that it’s good and the best of all the time?
  44. Question 44: The Chinese President Needs To Be Good and Be The Best President of all time, It Needs To Be professional all time and tell us the news.
  45. Question 45: Do you have to speak Chinese in China?
  46. Question 46: Do you agree having less than 2 kids? and are not girls?
  47. Question 47: What is the best country that has more than 4 yellow stars, and a red color of a flag?
  48. Question 48: Do you need to apologize for a bad thing that you did?
  49. Question 49: The Chinese President is a Good President.Note: You have your last question coming up.
  50. Last Question: It’s Taiwan A Country and A Best Country? +Infinity Social Credit if last one correct, got it? Difficulty: The Final Difficulty

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