USSR social credit test

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This is the social quiz of USSR citizens. Citizens must attempt the test for which they will be rewarded otherwise failing which executed. You will be given multiple options and you have to choose wisely.

All must attempt the quiz sincerely. Your life depends on this quiz. You will be rewarded if you perform well or executed if you fail. Joseph Stalin has designed this specially for citizens.

Created by: Archisman
  1. Who won the second World War?
  2. Who are you?
  3. Is USSR a good place?
  4. Who is the best leader of USSR?
  5. Are you ready to send your dog to space to increase glory of USSR?
  6. Do you think America is a country that tries to destroy USSR?
  7. Do you follow the leader's message?
  8. Who is the no 1 superpower?
  9. Should anyone try to invade USSR?
  10. Should anyone disobey our leader?
  11. Will you be ready to serve in army in a war?
  12. Your grandpa was killed by Joseph Stalin. Was it correct?
  13. You have reached the end of test. You would now

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