UK Social credit test

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A compulsory social credit test for UK citizens where they are tested how good citizens are they. You will get rewards if you perform well or be punished by government if you fell

You are being constantly watched by secret agencies of UK, so don't back out. Prepare yourself and sit for test so that you could give your best to glorify our beautiful homeland

Created by: Hat
  1. Best prime minister of UK?
  2. Why did Britain leave European Union?
  3. British maintained colonies to
  4. Was slave trade there in UK?
  5. Best country of Europe?
  6. Did England have a dark age in its history?
  7. Is UK most developed among all nations?
  8. We have taxed you and taken away your belongings for a government work. Do you support it?
  9. Renaissance and Industrial revolution was best in
  10. You are given a car from government to have fun
  11. Was brexit a right move?
  12. Do you support capitalism?
  13. Best river in the world is
  14. You have reached end of test. Now you

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