China's One-Child Policy

This is a reading review for your midterm. You'll read the text and do the questions. I can't put URLS, so just write "CHINAREAD1" after "TINYURL [DOT] COM".

There are only a few questions to do, but there are also questions to think about. Click where it says "click here" to answer those. They're just extra things for you to consider.

Created by: Ajarn Onuma

  1. In this sentence: "It will finalise a five-year social and economic development plan, only the 12th since the Communist Party took power in 1949", who/what does "it" refer to?
  2. Which of the following is NOT cited as a disadvantage of China's one-child policy?
  3. What can be inferred from this sentence: "Officials have repeatedly stressed that this "fundamental policy of the state", which has been credited with helping reduce the pressure of population growth on society and economic development, will continue"?
  4. What is TRUE about Yicheng county?
  5. What is the tone of this article?
  6. Question to think about: Should Thailand have a one-child policy?
  7. Question to think about: Do you think a one-child policy is the best policy to control population growth?
  8. Question to think about: Look up the meaning of "the clock is ticking". Do you agree with the author's choice to use this phrase?
  9. Question to think about: Is this author trustworthy? Why or why not?
  10. Question to think about: If Thailand had a similar policy, do you think it is worth it to pay large fines for extra children?

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