Certified Food Manager Quiz 2

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Certified Food Manager Quiz #2: Take all 4 quizzes and you might just see you've fallen into a new calling. Food is important to every being on earth and doing it safely is an art form!

Maybe you are a certified food manager in disguise. Do you like to cook? There is a science to cooking that ensures everyone stays happy and healthy. Can you tackle the nitty gritty tasks of safe cooking?

Created by: Gracie DeBrock
  1. Having a sore throat with fever mandates that a food manager must...
  2. Gloves must be changed when
  3. The majority of food-borne illness is caused by
  4. The acronym TCS means:
  5. There are four kinds of bacteria. What are they?
  6. Physical contamination would be which of these things?
  7. HACCP stands for:
  8. A product made in house can be held for how many days if stored at 41 degrees and below.
  9. Food becomes unsafe when:
  10. All bacteria is considered a pathogen.
  11. An example of helpful bacteria is:
  12. Aprons must be removed when:
  13. Fungi are:
  14. Handling RTE foods without gloves is:
  15. The acronym RTE means:
  16. The acronym CCP means Critical Control Point.
  17. A critical control point (CCP) always has a CL, which stands for:
  18. Food Handler Training is best conducted using the _______ method.
  19. Meatloaf has a cooking temp of?
  20. The acronym TDZ means:
  21. Labeling must be done when a product is prepacked and out for sale without assistance of a representative.
  22. Labels must have what items listed?
  23. You must be 18 to become a food handler.
  24. Pick the one that is NOT a common allergen.
  25. Pick the one that is a TCS food:

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