Food Safety Quiz

Many people handle food, but few are knowledgeable food handlers and even fewer are certified food handlers. What is a certified food handler? A certified food handler is someone who has taken food safety training from an accredited food safety provider and has demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare and handle food safely.

Are YOU a food safety genius? Do you have the food safety knowledge to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: goodstony
  1. Bacteria that cause food poisoning:
  2. If a server reports that a customer is inquiring about the ingredients of a menu item due to severe allergy to peanuts, you should:
  3. Disease-causing microbes are called:
  4. Proper techniques for the serving of foods to the customer:
  5. Bacteria grow by:
  6. Which temperature will slow the growth of most illness-producing bacteria?
  7. If previously cooked food is removed from the refrigerator for serving to patrons, the food must be:
  8. The Danger Zone is between the following temperatures:
  9. A foodborne infection results from eating:
  10. The micro-organisms of greatest concern to the foodservice industry are:
  11. The greatest cause of food-borne illness is:
  12. To prevent bacteria from growing in gravy it should be:
  13. The best way to determine the internal temperature of a cooked food is by:
  14. Which of the following procedures is the most important in controlling the growth of spore-forming bacteria?
  15. Raw meats should be stored:
  16. HACCP stands for:

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