How safe are you

There are only so many people who stand out for there genious in e-safety.What is e-safety? E-safety is just basic safety online like keeping your private details private etc.

Are your fluent in e-safety? Do you think your as smart as you can be in it? Well heres your chance to find out how smart you actally are before showing off and looking dumb after! Why not spend a few mintues on this basic e-safety quiz.

Created by: halez

  1. A mate you met in a chatroom wants to meet up. Do you..
  2. Your making a new email account and you need a nickname. Do you..
  3. You get an email of an email address you don't know. Do you..
  4. You are searching the internet for some research homework, and you come across a rude picture. Do you..
  5. You come across a compatition on the internet with a prize you really want.Do you..
  6. While your in a chatroom with your mate and others, they ask you what your doing after school. Do you..
  7. Your new mate online wants to see what you look like. Do you..
  8. You go on a website but your computer flashes saying " unsafe, do you still want to enter". Do you..
  9. A website is asking for your full name and moblie number but doesnt say why. Do you..
  10. If someone pops up on a chat to you that you know but they are acting werid and different and asking for information they usally wouldnt.Do you..

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Quiz topic: How safe am I