Cavernclan: The beginning part 2

Cavernclan, the clan of the tunnels. Have you ever heard of it? As the rivals of Jayclan and Sunclan, Much of their day is spent fighting or hunting. Or training. But a battle is brewing, a battle that could determine the fate of every cat in the clan.

What will happen? Will nature destroy the clan? Or will the clan prevail? What will happen to the cats that make up this Cavern-dwelling clan? Read on to see! (I do not own Warriors. This is just a story about a fantasy clan. Also, many of my friends own these cats. But I will not go in and say who owns who, since SOMEONE owns half the clan. The people who have cats mentioned are; OmegaWolf9, Omega_Wolf, LuckyFirefly, and Rave098.)

Created by: Rave098

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  1. Recap: With a roar, Ivykit took off after his brother, amazed that he hadn't just remained hidden. Just then, he saw his brother trip near the wall of the nursery, then heard a dull thud as Littlekit hit the hard stone wall.
  2. Littlekit stood on wobbly legs, his head bleeding from where he had hit the wall. The world seemed to be a pond, wavering and shifting every second.
  3. He closed his eyes, and then opened them again. In front of him stood something that looked like Riverkit, but it was much bigger. It was big like Thunderclaw, the largest cat in the clan! The cat was laughing and its laughter rang in his ears. Something told him that this creature had caused him to fall and be made a fool. Littlekit kept staring at the thing for another minute, then his eyes closed and he fell to the floor.
  4. Nettlestar was chatting with Leaffrost when she heard a thud. She glanced toward Littlekit, and gasped as she saw his head was covered in blood. She leapt up, and then raced to her kit's side. His eyes were rolled up in his head, and he was muttering something. Afraid that he could die, Nettlestar let out a yowl. "SOFTCLOUD!"
  5. An hour later, Littlekit's head was covered in herbs. He was still in the nursery, glowering at Riverkit. She did it somehow! He thought. Suddenly tired, he lied down in a nest and fell asleep
  6. He awoke to yowling. "Rouges are in the nursery!" He glanced around fearfully, then yelped as teeth gripped his scruff tightly. He twisted, and saw a silver She-cat holding him. He struggled for a second, then realized it was no use.
  7. He fell limp, defeated

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