Cavernclan: The Beginning Part 1

Cavernclan, the clan of the tunnels. As the rivals of Jayclan and Sunclan, Much of their day is spent fighting, hunting, or training. But a battle is brewing, a battle that could determine the fate of every cat in the clan, from the youngest kit to the oldest warrior.

What will happen to the clan? Will nature destroy the clan, or will the clan prevail? What will happen to the cats that make up this Cavern-dwelling clan? Read on to see! (I do not own the book series Warriors. This is just a story about a fantasy clan I made up. Also, many of my friend own these cats, But I will not go in and say who owns who, since SOMEONE owns half the clan. The people who have cats mentioned are; OmegaWolf9, Omega_Wolf, LuckyFirefly, and ME!)

Created by: Rave098

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  1. Recap: A second later, the cats faded. Well, all but one. Snowflake stood in front of her, and she meowed in a voice like ice, "Beware of Nature, leader of the tunnels. For it is against you, letting loose many terrible storms, storms unlike any before. A Blizzard shall strike, storms shall clash, Floods shall fill your home, and fires will burn away all in its path. But there is hope, for there will be cats born to prevail and push back the evil that shall soon engulf your clan. If they do not, though, then the clan of the tunnels shall be no more."
  2. Ivykit was racing around the nursery, his black pelt only slightly visible in the shadows of the nursery. He was chasing an even-harder-to-see light brown tabby Littlekit, his brother. Though Littlekit was born 2nd, and Ivykit 3rd, Ivykit was much larger than his brother. A Black-and-White shape crashed into Littlekit, knocking his tiny form over.
  3. Littlekit had a creepy and eerie voice that sent shivers up the spines of the cats not expecting it. It was cold like snow, but also seemed to be from an older cat.
  4. Littlekit let out a yelp. "Riverkit! Get off of me!" The small kit squirmed, but Riverkit still held him down, chuckling. "You'll have to get out yourself!" The smaller kit squirmed, but still couldn't get up. With a bored sigh, Riverkit moved her paws to hold down Littlekit's tail. "Can you get out now?"
  5. Littlekit was about to free his tail when Ivykit walked over and held down his tail as well. Riverkit passed him a grateful glance, and then they held Littlekit down together. Try as he might, Littlekit couldn't get free with their combined might. After a bored sigh, the 2 larger kits let him go, laughing at his weak form.
  6. Littlekit turned his head away, ashamed. He felt like he had failed the clan at being beat so easily... more than once. This had happened before, but not in front of everyone in the Nursery! He knew he'd have to show he was strong somehow, but he had no idea how to... except to trick them and ambush them!
  7. With an excited chuckle, Littlekit padded back towards his mom, Nettlestar, and curled up next to her. He lay there, thinking of all of the tricks he could do to beat them. After a bit, he leapt up, as an idea he thought was perfect to beat his siblings had just come to him. He padded over to his siblings, who were swiping at each other in a play-fight and meowed, "Ivykit! Let's fight!"
  8. Ivykit stared down at his brother, surprised he'd even think that he could do anything in a fight. With a suppressed chuckled at how easy it should be, he meowed, "Sure!" He crouched down, then leapt towards his brother.
  9. Littlekit stayed where he was, then dodged at the last second, and ran into the shadows where he was all but invisible. He watched his brother gaze around blindly, wondering where he had gone. With a weak battle cry, Littlekit leapt out of the shadows, planning on landing on Ivykit's back.
  10. Littlekit missed his brother, and landed not too far in front of him, facing away from him. He knew he was vulnerable like this, so her ran off, plotting what to do when he got far away enough.
  11. With a roar, Ivykit took off after his brother, amazed that he hadn't just remained hidden. Just then, he saw his brother trip near the wall of the nursery, then heard a dull thud as Littlekit hit the hard stone wall.
  12. (Anyone have any idea on what happens next? No peeking at the thread! And if you have, don't tell us!)

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