Can You Survive My Mind? 2

there are a lot of peolpe who can survive my mind are YOU one of those people if you said yes lets just see about that if you said no this is your chance to prove yourself.

Can YOU survive my mind do you have what it takes to climb the Bobo tree can you not only survive but thrive in my mind..this is your chance to prove yourself

Created by: sapphiretwirl

  1. you have to take the first one of the series to really get this.
  2. After the camper had left you find that he has left his bag behind.what do you do?
  3. you decide to open it the next day,and in the bag you find a ruby orb ,but something strange happened,almost right after you pulled it out your bunny is petrified.what do you do?
  4. after the next few days your bunny is depressed,so you decide to return the orb in hopes that it will make your bunny what day do you set off on your journy?
  5. when that day come you pack all your things and set off on a journy,while wandering for sveral hours you come across a village.ehat do you do.
  6. After you get your supplies from the village,someone pulls you by the arm into a bush and knocks you out.
  7. when you regain conscience you find your self on a small room but somethings missing....your bunny they took it.what do you do
  8. you decide to set off and find your bunny suddenly a thought comes into your head..the orb,you pull our the orb and wish on it ''i want to get out'' suddenly your outside the village.
  9. when your out of the village.who do you decide to seach for first?
  10. you decide to search for the bunny first you decide to set up camp becuse its getting dark but you hear ruffling in the bushes.what do you do?
  11. the ruffling seemd to get louder.
  12. a dark figure come out of the buches...its that camper but something strange the campers eyes are casting an eerie light.what do you do?
  13. a sudden chill runs up your spine suddenly your see the ruby red orb float out of your bag and into the camper's hands.what do you do
  14. you decide to fight the camper for the orb, your running towards him when suddenly you collapse and just see a blur disappear into the night.....To Be Continued.

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive My Mind? 2