Can you read different languages?

Hello! Hallo! Hola! Bonjour! Pí«rshí«ndetje! Salam! 你好! Bok! Ahoj! Hej! Tere! Hei! Ola! Halo! Dia Duit! Ciao! Salve! こんにちは! Sveiki!Witam! Alo! Pozdravljeni! สวัสดี! Merhaba! Xin chí o! Helo! Those are all good ways of greeting people, all in different languages!

This is a 12 question quiz that tests your knowledge on all the different languages of our world today. Native American, Viking, and many other near gone cultures are excluded.

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. Ngí´n ngữ gí¬ thế ní y? What language was that?
  2. Hori zer dela?
  3. Τι γίνεται με αυτό;
  4. Што со тоа?
  5. How do you say hello in Vietnamese?
  6. What does Japanese look like?
  7. What does this mean (it's spanish) Lo que está arriba
  8. How about this? (Albanian) Mí« jepni qí« tani ju kreu memec
  9. Is this correct counting in German? eins zwei drei vier fí¼nf sechs sieben acht neun zehn
  10. How do you greet people in German?
  11. What are the three main languages of North America?
  12. What is the main language of Mexico?

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Quiz topic: Can I read different languages?