Can you pass my spelling test?? part two!

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My quiz might be easy or hard, but it doesn't matter about that. What matters is can you pass it? can you answer all of my question correctly with no mistakes.

Are you a good speller? Can you pass my spelling test and get all of the answers right? You can find out now right here in my quiz! Now you can see if you are really good with words!

Created by: Angelica
  1. First word: which one is correct? 1:Grilla, 2: Gorilla, 3: gorila You need to pick one!
  2. Is this word spelled correctly? "lugache"
  3. Next word! Is this word correct? "Karaoke"
  4. Next question! Which one is correct? 1:Sumbody 2:sombody 3:somebody
  5. Which word is spelled correctly? 1:Vancouver 2:Hawwai 3:Calafornia
  6. How many errors are on this sentence? "I wunt to thanck peepole hoo has helped me grajuate fith grade and go to siks grade!"
  7. Which word is correct? 1:peenut 2:colurful 3:icecle
  8. Which word is correct? 1:Forgotten 2:precise 3:collect
  9. Is this word correct? "unbrella"
  10. Is this word correct? "aford"
  11. "The doktor said I haf an allergi problom. He siad that I am allergik to brokoli!" How many errors are in this sentence?
  12. Which word is correct? 1:gruge 2:argue 3:colect

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Quiz topic: Can I pass my spelling test?? part two!