Can you pass my spelling test??

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There are a lot of good spellers here in this world, but are YOU a really good speller that can pass my spelling test? Well, find out now, right here!

Are you a master speller, can you pass my spelling test quiz? You can find out now right here! In a couple minutes you will see if you are a spelling master!

Created by: Angelica
  1. Okay, is this word spelled correctly? "Beautiful"
  2. Next word.... "hilarios"
  3. Next word! 1:Popscicle 2:Popsicle 3:popcicle. Which one is correct?
  4. Is this word spelled correctly? "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
  5. Next one! Is "becuase" spelled right
  6. Next word! Which one is correct? 1: anser 2: maiby 3:blesing
  7. Next question! which one is correct? 1: dove 2: gane 3: specal
  8. Next question! Which one is correct? 1: parton 2: pardon 3: pardone
  9. Next question! Is Gonra spelled correctly? If not, please rewrite the word correctly
  10. Okai, tell me how mani spelling erorrs are on this sentense.
  11. Sorry this spelling quiz was short. Please comment me what score you got. Or you can rate. This is my 5th quiz I made. Please check out my other quizzes I made like... What job fits you?? you by Angie, are you beautiful? (girls only) by Angie, does he/she like you? by Angie, what mythical creature are you? by Angelica (changed my name) and this is my 5th quiz. Thanks! (wont effect anything)
  12. Wait.... this is my last question... Would you rate and comment IF SOMEONE WORKED ON THIS QUIZ FOR 2 HOURS OR MORE!!!!!!!?????

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Quiz topic: Can I pass my spelling test??