can you make it to the NHL

my quiz is about hockey, its about if you can make it to the NHL. My test has some questions that will see if you can make the NHL. please try it out!

Can you make it to the NHL? Only a select few can make it to the NHL, are you one of them. Find out here if you could be a NHL star, and take the hockey world by storm

Created by: LOOP
  2. do you watch NHL hockey.
  3. whats your favorite NHL TEAM.
  4. whats your favorite hochey number.
  5. are you on a hockey team.
  6. are you a captain on your team.
  7. are you strong.
  8. do you want to be in the NHL.
  9. do you want to be a goalie or a player.
  10. do you play road hockey.

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Quiz topic: Can I make it to the NHL