Can you get away with lieing

Can you get away with lieing take this quiz to find out.This paragraph thing make you have 1.5.0. characters he it j um up I jk kg yo yh Yugoslavia joking U.K. jjj John Hahn

This has 10 questions so good luck with the qUestions Sorry the quiz makes you not type the same thing so my hurt pug song love cat goat boat shut up .

Created by: HelenaGirl

  1. If your going to a party but you have to sneak out because your parents say no what is your cover up story.
  2. You told your friend you wore not aloud to come to her house but you said that because your bf/Gf want you to go to there house what is the cover up story.
  3. You are cheating and both of them ask you to come of what's your cover up story
  4. You had homework but you did what is your cover up story to the teacher
  5. You didn't do your homework part 2. You did do your homework so you told your teacher that you dad die (if your dad died in real life than sorry for your loss) anyway than your teacher sees you dad at a store what a cover up story
  6. You feed your food to your dog than your parents see that he throw up ew what's your cover up
  7. Okay only girls can do this question boys don't read it please You had your 'it' in class you grab your jacket and your friend say why your jacket is tied around your wast your cover up is
  8. You get a F in your test where do you hide your test
  9. You burped in class who do you blame it on
  10. Last question Are you a good lire

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Quiz topic: Can I get away with lieing