Can you date Phil (And Somewhat Related Trivia)

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This is a quiz about having to date me. TBH if you are pretty, smart, and interesting, I'll date you. But I'm already married, so I won't. Send me a DM and I'll queue you though.

Okay so my wife read that last paragraph and she was not happy about it. I got hit with many, MANY shoes, and she wants to take the house and kids. I can't believe you have read this far, go you!

Created by: Phil

  1. Do you need dialoge to tell a meaningful story
  2. Select the proper c-like for loop used in bash
  3. Which memelord creates monthly meme mashups, and uses a doctored image of a high fantasy character?
  4. Pick the best Destiny Exotic
  5. Are you lucky?
  6. In blood bowl 2, which of the following is NOT a legal skill choice for rolling two fives on a level up for a human lineman?
  7. Which of the following is one of the best songs by Justice?
  8. Which of the following trolls are considered "Royal Bloods?"
  9. OMG more questions?? I'm running out of interesting facets of my life here, jeez. This one should be easy. Which of the following media types is able to transit the most information?
  10. Are you an intravert, introvert intrevert, extrovert, extravert, or extrevert? (Don't google)
  11. What is the best Episode of "The Office"?
  12. Do you hate these quizzes?

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Quiz topic: Can I date Phil (And Somewhat Related Trivia)