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  • Fairy_Guru and BNVG, you're right! Did anyone see that on the results, on all of them it said 0%?
    You are a fairy!!! 0%
    You could become one! 0%
    No way! 0%

    Is that what u saw?

    Thepopulargirl Nov 14 '15, 7:29AM
  • I am a fairy !!!! But why i don't have wings?? And i cannot fly..i don't have a power either..

    LoveFairy_97 Aug 29 '15, 8:22PM
  • I'm a fairy but where are my wings and how do I activate my powers?

    BNVG Feb 2 '15, 6:19PM
  • I'm a fairy!!!!!! O my god!!!!!! O my gosh!!!!! How do get my wings and activatte my powers?????!!!! Please tell me how to get my wings and tank them away!!!!! Pleasssssssse!!!!!! !!!!!

    LJW Dec 31 '14, 11:16AM
  • I am a fairy, though how to activate my powers? To be honest, the maker didn't even say hat kind of fairy I was. Nor did they say anyone else's too. Even the bar to see if you're close to being a fairy or not even close, all of them are zero. I think that it's rigged. Really, shouldn't they tell you at least what kind of fairy you are, not just letting people believe, straining themselves for this quiz. Am I saying fairies aren't real? Hell no. I believe 100%. It's just that why have all the bars zero, making it look rigged, why don't they tell you what KIND of fairy you are, making it look like the creator of the quiz doesn't even know. Yes, I took the quiz also. Was it bad? No, it was quite enjoyable. But please, take a quiz that will at least tell you what kind of fairy you are. And if you kind a quiz that tells you how to active and transform your powers? Take it before it goes away.

    Fairy_Guru Jun 5 '14, 8:54AM
  • Im a Fairy Butt How Do I Activate And Transform And Weres My Powers

    Md Love Yuhh123 Mar 11 '14, 7:09PM
  • Im a Fairy Butt How Do I Activate And Transform And Weres My Powers

    Md Love Yuhh123 Mar 11 '14, 7:08PM
  • I'm a fairy!
    How do I transform, fly, use my powers and go to ATV
    Please tell me, I'll be appreciated

    dbzgirl Nov 6 '13, 10:00PM
  • Omg i am a fairy how do i activate my powers

    meme11 Oct 7 '13, 7:11PM
  • Im already a fairy...! YES I KNEW IT!! ya ya ya ya ya ya! One problem... How do i activate my powers..? and what IS my power...? AWESOME!!1

    tomboys Jan 3 '13, 9:24PM
  • omg I'm already a fairy! but how do I transform and activate my powers?

    FairyFlier ZX Dec 27 '12, 12:39AM
  • omg!! I'm already a fairy! but how do I use my powers and transform?

    FairyFlier ZX Dec 27 '12, 12:38AM
  • I am already a fairy but how do i use my powers and how do i transform!?!?

    kittens12976 Sep 10 '12, 12:38PM
  • I'm already a fairy??? Okay...

    LunaLovegood3 Aug 5 '12, 11:07AM
  • am already a fairy OMGGGG!!!!!!!
    how do i activate my powers???

    LilySmith777 Jun 1 '12, 6:46PM
  • I am already a fairy OMG

    LilySmith777 Jun 1 '12, 6:45PM

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