Can u be a real warrior and live part 1

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You are starting as a kit in the world of warriors and you grow up and learn but will you make it or will you might fail but the 2nd quiz will start you off as an apprentice and the 3rd quiz will go into your warrior time

will you survive the world of warriors and grow till your a warrior or will you stay as a kit your whole life????????will you beable to help your clan????

Created by: Warriorluver
  1. Your only 4 moons old and your mother tells you to stay in the nurcery so she can sleep What do you do?
  2. Your playing around in the nurcery and one of your brothers(or sisters)tell you to go outside What do you do?
  3. Your 5 moons old and a young apprentice named Moonpaw comes up to you and asks if you want to hang with her and the other apprentices What do you do?
  4. Your leader(Lightstar)calls a clan meeting.So you sneek past your mom to join the warrios and apprentices to listen.You hear Lighstar say"there are foxes wondering around the forest keep a close eye out for them"you go bk into the nurcery and tell your litter mates What do you do?
  5. Your in camp happy that your ready to become an apprentice in a moon.A warrior that you have a crush on walks by u and(he or she)smiles at you what do you do?
  6. You rember about the foxes Lightstar was talking about 2 days ago and you smell think"oh how strang"so you take a peek outside and your eyes widen at the sight of foxes in your camp
  7. The foxes are all gone but the prey has in lowered now.You sneak out of camp and go into a diffrent clans terratiory but you fall in a river trying to get back to your clan.The warrior who you have a crush on helps you and brings you back to camp but OH NO you have white couch What do you wish you could do now?
  8. You got better now but your still annoyed that you have to stay in the nurcery for what you have done now what?
  9. YOUR OFF PUNISHMENT and You see moonpaw getting her warrior smile and chaint like the other cats are her new name"MOONHEART!!MOONHEART!!"but you go over and ask her something about what tho?
  10. Your 6 moons old now and you are now geting your apprentice name but you wonder if your mentor will be that warrior you love

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