c'mon,let's see the future!(tomorrow!)

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noone knows what will happen tomorrow.maybe it'll be the worst day of our life or it'll be the best day ever or maybe it'll be okay or maybe even the

the aliens atack to to earth and killed the humens!!but this quiz will tell you how will be tomorrow.take this quiz and see if tomorrow was the result i gave you!:D

Created by: dragon
  1. so,how do you feel right now?
  2. you want to think about tomorrow...
  3. you most look at the good things in your life or the bad things!?
  4. are you most happy or angry or sad?
  5. what's your hobby?
  6. what's your favorite word?/what's the word that you use more?
  7. do you like to die?
  8. what's your favorite color?!
  9. do you like night or day?
  10. do you like to laugh?!
  11. do you think you'll have a good day?
  12. please rate and comment!

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