By Moonlight...2

Number 2. I hope it shows up. Well sorry if its short but I did not have a lot of time to make it. (with school and everything) So here it is. Don't you.

Hate these paragraphs?

Created by: singin234
  1. I landed in someone's warm arms. I looked up to see another guy. He had golden blond hair and light blue eyes. His eyes were light sky blue. He had perfect pink lips and a great smile. I felt safe in his arms, "are you okay" He asked pulling me down. I wobbly stood in front of him, lost in his eyes. I nodded, I held the book to be tight. "Yeah thank you" I stummbled to say. He smiled kindly and blushed. He was kind of shy I guess. "No problem" He said and made his way out of the room. When he left I almost smacked myself in the head, I forgot to ask what his name was.
  2. I sat down and stared reading the book. I first read the back 'Magic is dangerous- but love is more dangerous still.' ~When sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray arrives in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, something terrifying is waiting for her in London's...~ I read. The book sounded great. Then something hit the window with a bang. The power went out, I made my way to the window.
  3. There is a huge storm, lighting, thunder and heavy rain. It was like Chris said it would be, I stared to cry. Tears fell down my face like the rain fell to the ground. *Flashback* "Don't come after me" My mum said shaking. I let go of her hand and she disappeared. The thunder, lightening and rain. The creppy voice whispered "I'll get you" *back to now* I could gear footsteps coming up to me. My legs bent and I fell to the ground.
  4. It was the same guy that I had forgot the ask his name. He watched my cry. I looked into his blue eyes. "Are you okay" he asked me. I wobbly stood up, my head ached and I need water. "Yeah," I told him lying "just need some water" He went down to get me some, I guess anyone could of seen though that lie. I looked out the window one more time, something at the front of the forest made me wonder. It was a green wolf, at looked at me with its hazel eyes. When are wolfs green?
  5. The wolf ran into the forest. Then that guy came back with a glass of water. "I am Dan" He told me smiling. I gave him a weak smile back and drank some of the water. It was cold, really cold. "Thanks" I told him putting it down on the coffe table. "Can I stay the night" I asked. I never did this, I mean sleeping in a house with four hot guys? Yeah right, I am not that type of girl. Dan nodded and showed me to a room. When he was gone I stared to shiver.
  6. I turned off the light and just tried to go to sleep. I am going to wake up looking so bad. I though as I turned on my side. The rain hit the cellling with a tap, tap, tap. A huge clap of thunder made me jump. Almost in tears I closed my eyes.
  7. Then the door creaked open. "Hello" one of the guys voice said. He switched on the light. Dan was standing in the door way. He stared to blush, I was kind of annoyed that he was in my room at 7:30? "I wanted to see if you are okay. Do stroms make you scared" He asked sitting on the bed. I nodded "yeah" I told him. To my surprise he turned off the light "I will stay here until you fall asleep" He told me. I closed my eyes.
  8. *Dream* I was in the garden with Dan, Chris, Alex, Nav and someone I could not make out. "Hey guys do you think I am safe" I asked them with fear in my eyes. They all looked down. "Maybe, we are just going to have to wait and see" I sexy voice told me. I shakily nodded. Then the sound of leaves moving made me turn around.
  9. A green wolf was standing there with a human leg in its mouth.
  10. I flung open my eyes. I was all sticky and I was about to yell when someone coved my mouth from behind me.

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