By Moonlight...

By moonlight. I changed this story a lot. It really stared off with you trying to find you mother but end up meeting 3 vampires and getting raised my them.

Then you would of fallen in love with the leader and then so on. But I changed it and I might use that idea on a different one!! Please take Ticking away.

Created by: singin234
  1. I ran though the trees, branches cutting my arms and legs. The wind was strong and cold. I needed a rest, my legs ached. I panted and slowed down. I fell onto my knees The little stones stuck to the sweat on my knees. "You can run but you can't hide" A creppy high voive said. I couldn't tell if this guy is drunk or trying to kill me. He sounded like a crazy, evil, creepy guy from a horror movie. I couln't move, so I closed my eyes. Waiting for him to kill me.
  2. I felt someone behind me. "What are you doing" a guys voice asked me. He was not the guy that was chasing me. "Huh" I asked and turned around to see a guy with black hair and purple eyes. At lest he was hot not creepy. "I got lost" I lied. He laughed and helped me up. "You can tell me the story later. Lets go to mine befre it rains" He told me.
  3. "No way I am going with you" I said to him, putting my hands on my hips. He laughed and looked up at the sky. Lighting, thunder and it stared rainning. " I am coming for you. The creepy voice said, "yep, lets go" I told him as a herd the creepy voice. "I knew you would agree" He said and we walked to his black shiny car. For some reason It made me think of twilight.
  4. I turned the radio on and he turned it off. I turned it back onn, glaringat him. On, off, on, off, on, off. "I am Chris" He said turning the radio off. "____" I told him turning it back on. He went to turn it off again when I slapped him on the arm. He looked at me in surprise. "On" I told him staring out the window. Then the it went off. I looked back at him, he was smiling. The radio was still on, he had just turned the sound down. "Fudge" I muumbled. I wanted to hit the guy over the head. "You think your so smart, don't you" I told him yelling. He nodded "Yep, I am" He was smirking. I wanted to scream, he had won. "Don't forget about me" The creepy voice said in my head. My anger was replaced with fear.
  5. We pulled up at a huge house. No wonder he is full of themself, I thought staring up at the huge house. "Come on" Chris said as well go out of the car. We walked inside the house. In the living room, two guys were watching Tv. One had blond hair and ocean blue eyes. The other had brown hair and brown eyes. "Guys" Chris said to them. "shut up Chr-" The brown haired guy said turning his head and looking at me. I blushed. My legs stared to feel like jelly. The blond guy was still watching Tv. "Dude you have to see this" The brown haired guy told the blond. His eyes didn't leave me, It made me blush. "What" The blond snapped. The looked at me as well, they both stared. I looked at Chris, I kind of was getting creeped out. "Guys this is ____. That is Nav and that is Alex" The brown haired guy is Nav and the blond Alex. I shakily said "hello" I looked back at them. I could feel Chris staring at me. "You seem shaken up. What's wrong" Chis asked. "Nothing," I lied "Do you have any books I could read" I asked changing the subject. They didn't seem to mind me changing it. Chris maybe did, but he didn't say anything.
  6. Chris lead me to a libary. "wow, that's a lot of books" I told him in amazment. Chris nodded "yep, well I will leave you to it" He said. Before I could stop him, he walked out the door. "lets see, where are the fansty" I wondered aloud.
  7. I climbed up the ladder. I wanted to read 'Clockwork Angel' It is by Cassandra Clare. It is pretty high up, I thought. Forgetting I hate going up high, I stared climbing. I garbbed the book and looked down. "Oh great" Panic swept though me. I shut my eyes, I sliped back. I was falling and falling until...
  8. Well I hope you liked it. Sorry for my speeling etc. I am on my dads laptop and its kind of smaller than I am use to.
  9. If I make another, I will add more detail.
  10. Please comment and rate.

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