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  • It's pretty good, although I'm a sucker for mysteries. I liked it, although can you do me a tiny little favour. Can you pretty please, with sugar on top NEVER MENTION TWILIGHT AGAIN. Sorry, I have a long secluded history with that franchise. Anyways, it's a good setup, and I really like the title. By the moonlight... it sounds more like a werewolf thing, but I can live with vampires. I mean I prefer werewolves but vampires are okay, just as long as they don't sparkle. I'd like to see more from this, it sounds good.

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • You left me hanging! That was an awesome quiz. You're really good at writing these you know XD And the purple eyes and black hair is like the MOST ADORABLE thing ever :3 Thanx for writing this :)

  • Great start I think and I really want a second one! I love Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare! Have you read Clockwork Prince? It's awesome! Anyway I want the next part!

  • That was really good!

  • I like it so far. I'd like to see where you take this. I'd like the next part. I'll be looking.

  • Love it! Make part 2 soon! :)

  • I LIKED IT cant wait till i read the next one


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