Bow down to Y-town

Youngstown Ohio, the place where dreams go to die. If you are taking this I'm sure you were fortunate to grow up in the thriving metropolis we like to call Y-town, Yompton, Da Valley Baby!, etc. Maybe you've eaten at Jay's, Cruised 224 with your friends, or taken a field trip to the Playhouse. Maybe Jim Traficant's wife cut your hair at her "beauty shop". Maybe your whole street works at Lordstown. Maybe Youngstown has molded you into the person you are today.

This is a test to see just how Steel Valley you are. It will separate the men from the boys, the Liberty from the Hubbard, the Wedgewood from the Cornersburg, the Georgetown from the Embassy, La Villa from the Elmton, Dom Taco from the brotherhood, you get the point.

Created by: Brian
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  1. Where do you meet your friends at the fair?
  2. You had to be this old to get into JJ's
  3. Sami's is a
  4. The now-defunct semi-pro basketball team was called the Youngstown...
  5. Kids drive here on weekends when they are bored
  6. The former head of Phar-Mor who went to jail was
  7. Jim Tressel won this many championships while coaching at YSU
  8. Which of these is NOT a pizza place
  9. This is the name of the motel located directly next to Cocoa's Pizza
  10. The best sausage in town is from
  11. Tokyo House is located on
  12. The Debartolo family owns this pro franchise
  13. This bread is made in Y-town
  14. Stan Boney always has a new one of these...
  15. Which of these is NOT a news affiliate of Youngstown
  16. The Wolf is...
  17. The world's largest off price fashion store is
  18. Pizza with parmesan cheese is called

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