Summerville or Charleson, SC

What South Carolina town would be best for you to live in? If youv'e been wondering if you picked the better town for you, take the quiz, or if you are planning to live there, take the quiz.... (Take it even if you are just bored....

Find out if Summerville, SC or Charleston, SC better 'fits' YOU! I wont tell you what town means what, but I can tell you each town is totally different. You'd be suprised concidering how close they are on the map, how different they are.

Created by: PalmettoGal

  1. Would you rather...
  2. Would you rather have:
  3. Are you more peaceful, or 'go go go'...?
  4. How much do you mind sitting in traffic?
  5. What is your age bracket?
  6. How would you rate our drivong skills? (Be sereous...)
  7. Do you have a child, or children?
  8. Would you like your house to have a driveway?
  9. Do you want to have a BIG yard?
  10. The last question.... Was this quiz fun????

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