Body Systems- RS

There are many body systems in your body, there is 10 systems in fact. This one is called the Resiporty System. [I do not have my siecine book right now!] Have you ever wondered how your RS work? Did you even know you had a RS?

Some cool facts will be learned as you take this quiz, twists and turns, and things you did not even know maybe! Well, take this quiz and find out facts about your body! Have fun and stay tuned for more Body System Quizs!

Created by: Emily
  1. What is the main organ in the Restiorty System?
  2. What is the first step to the RS?
  3. The second step?
  4. What are boogers?
  5. The third step if you may?
  6. Fourth step please?
  7. Anyone for fifth step?
  8. What happens on he sixth step?
  9. At the end of the tubes are what?
  10. How thick are the things at the ends of the tubes?
  11. What are srounding them?
  12. What`s the final step?
  13. What`s the puorpose of the RS?

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