Which body part are you

The body is an amazing mechanism filled with so many different parts which makes it work. Which body part are you most alike? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you the lovely HEART, the hardworking HANDS, the defensive liver or possibly the sexy BRAIN? Can't wait to find out? Do this quiz to find out NOW!

Created by: jellybean
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  1. You woke up one morning and found yourself on a deserted island. Your stomach was growling and your head was feeling giddy. You needed food, which one would you rather it be?
  2. Armageddon is approaching. You only have enough time for one of the following activities. Which one would you pick?
  3. Your computer crashed on you. What do you do?
  4. The maid (Watti) you recently hired can't cook, can't clean and doesn't speak your language. She has a husband but still goes out on frequent dates with the cleaner(Nesh) of the neighborhood. What do you tell her husband when he calls?
  5. You were on a roller coaster ride when the guy sitting beside you pukes all over your outfit.
  6. What are you like around others?
  7. You were playing a volleyball game when a piece of sky drops at your feet.
  8. Which body part do you want to be?
  9. On Monday, you got knocked down by a bicycle. On Tuesday, you got knocked down by a car. On Wednesday, you got knocked down by a van. What happens on Saturday?
  10. Somewhere, over the rainbows.....
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