Big W General Knowledge Test

Over the years the Big W Gawler store has changed, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. This quiz however will enlighten us to just how well you know the store you work in. The questions vary enough so every staff member should be able to answer them even if they havent worked on the floor, back dock or night fill. For the current and previous managers an expectation here would be that you get 100% right here. We will see wont we...

Are you ready? Think you have what it takes to be the best? To be the boss? Here is your time to shine. Here is your opportunity to show us you know your stuff and you deserve the privilege to work for such a company and the honour of working for the superior store that is Gawler. So I ask you, are you ready?

Created by: zac anesbury of Big W Gawler's Myspace
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  1. Which of these departments does not exist
  2. What time does Big W open after the Christmas break?
  3. What section is Department Number 112 and 113?
  4. Big W Gawler's address is...
  5. Who is the current Assistant Store Manager
  6. The machine that crushes boxes is called a...
  7. how many cages are there in the backdock?
  8. The yellow horizontal tickets placed infront of a display unit is called a....
  9. Our gift certificates are known as?
  10. The Big W store number is...

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