Betrayed part 3

Have you been Betrayed? Do you want Carter or James more? Wait for Meghan Ciara Victoria Brittany and Christina. They add a huge twist that won't be said till part 5 or part 6. Rember make the guys how you like. Discription of the girls down below.

Meghan-Crazy,annoying,burnett,short only 5ft, light brown eyes, ALMOST clear face. Ciara-Natrual blonde but dyed it brown, blue eyes, violent, Meghan's 'mother', a wack job. Christina-Black hair,tan skin, dark eyes, quiet, peaceful. Victoria-Loud, naturally red-head, crazy, and calming. Brittany-Black hair (dyed), blue eyes, loud, crazy, smart (all of them are smart)

Created by: Mihilo
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  1. So when you relize that you've forgotten everything you nod your head slowly. The one guy gets up and threads his fingers through yours.
  2. 5 minutes pass by and then your rember everything. You chuckle because you forgot to feed your nabors cat last week. "My name is John, I am the leader of this reblion. You may join us and live ,or you may leave and die."
  3. Quietly you ask to leave. John replies "____ Would you like me to bring you home?" You quickley respond by saying "Yes yes please."
  4. You and John walk for 20minutes. He stops and you and him transport to your house where your 5 best friends are waiting for you.
  5. Meghan steps up and she start to say "____ Where were you we called like 50 times and you never picked up do you KNOW how worried sick Ciara is!" She talkes very quickley and then James comes in.
  6. Ciara steps in "Meghan let's give her some down time" Meghan replies by saying "Haha you wish you know how sick with worrie you were!" Ciara smirks and says "Disownement" Finally Meghan shuts up.
  7. James finally speaks up. "_____ How about you intorduce me to these...girls" You nod and say "These are Meghan-the annoying pest Brittany-The blonde prep." You smirk at Brittany then contiue "Ciara-The only person who can shut Meghan up and Christina-The quiet and peaceful one."
  8. Meghan pips up "Hi I'm Meghan did you know your really hot" You blush in embarrassment and Meghan contuies "Will you go out on a date with me mabey today or tommorw?"
  9. James says "Sure Meghan" Then little Meghan skips to his side and he wraps his arm around her staring into her.
  10. Victoria pips up "Hey ____ wana see a new movie with us that's way we called you?" Smiling you nod. Meghan and James are completle oblivios to whats happing.
  11. So all of you (Ciara Brittany You Victoria Christina Meghan and James)go into the movie theater. Ciara's by Christina, Christina by Victoria, Victoria by you, You by James, James by Meghan, and Meghan by Ciara. The lights dim and your vaugly aware of James and Meghan close together.
  12. In the middle of the movie there is a loud bang and!
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!
  14. Who do you love?
  15. Are you jelouse of Meghan?

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