Best Friends Forever part 2

The girls have found themselves lost in the book world. They must find a way out before they get replaced..............................................

You're a very skillful ninja my friend.

Created by: kay625kay

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  1. Ok recap: Ashley and Kaitlyn got this weird book and when they read it outloud they got sucked into the book
  2. Ashley and Kaitlyn stopped wresling and looked wildly around. "Where are we?" Kaitlyn aksed while brushing off hey shorts. "Um I think we might be in the book." Ashley said. Kaitlyn glared "Ya' think?"
  3. "Ok so we have to fins out why we're here." Kaitlyn said looking at her surroundings. Ashley did a little :O face and said "WHAT IF WE HAVE TO SAVE THE GIRLS?!" "You. Don't. Have. To. Yell."Kaitlyn said.
  4. The girls walked until they found a village in the center of the trees. there they saw two girls. You're probally thinking "so what?" but these girls were different. They were Ashley and Kaitlyn.
  5. "Are" ashley said. "Um they could just be look alikes..." they saw the girls go into a book shop then come out with the book they bought that day. "Oh my gosh.."
  6. Ok that's the end of part two :D
  7. I am going to have a contest. You get to make up a....let's just call the questions chapters. You get to make up a chapter. You must post your idea and why that should happen.
  8. Here are the rules: You must rate and comment the quiz if you want to add anything and nothing TOO innapropreat.
  9. You may start putting random answers now.

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