Beautiful Love part eight

Hey guys! I put the event that all the foreshadowing has led to in this one! I hope you enjoy it because I thought really hard about this one! Now take it to find out what happens!

The guys are: Brian, the sweet mysterious guy. He is tall and a bit emo. His hair is black, covers one eye, and spikes up in the back. His eyes are an ice cold blue, and he is toned well in the muscles. Chris, the shy guy joker. He is your height with green eyes. His hair is short and brown. He loves animals and is lean. Anthony, the bad boy protective type. He is a bit taller than you, and a biker. He owns a black motorcycle and has dirty blond flippy hair. He has violet eyes, and can get a bit rude. He is obviously the brawn! Tristan, the down to earth kind of guy. He's basically a tower compared to you, and he loves to boat. He has bleach blond hair with black eyes, which turn gold! He's sweet and takes care of everything!

Created by: Flip Flops

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  1. You wake up ready for the day, what do you wear?
  2. You leave for breakfast, and no one's there. Not even Anthony. You try to find some one, but can't. At noon, you are tired of searching so you go back to your room.
  3. You sit and your bed for a minute. You look over to see gold water written on your window, "______, can you open the window?" You jump up and open it, "Tristan?" You step back and he gets in. "Where the crap have you been?" You ask him. But instead of answering he grabs you and pulls him to you, then he kisses you slowly.
  4. When you pull away to breathe you hear frantic callings of your name. Tristan looks at the door, "We need to go." The calls were getting closer. "Where? And why?" you ask. "Away from them." "What if I don't want to?" He grips your arm hard, "You don't have a choice." His eyes flared with anger and hurt. He pulled you back to the window and you screamed.
  5. You look back at your door right before Tristan took you out of the window, and you saw your door burst open with Chris standing there with fear showing on his face. Tristan jumped and you landed on a pool of gold. He dragged you out and started toward a big black SUV. You were slung over his shoulder screaming and kicking. He grunted and lifted you into the back seat. Two other guys instantly went to tying you up.
  6. But before the car could start a huge thud happened above you. the top of the car was pulled open and Anthony knocked out one guy and picked you up. He jumped off and ran for the house with you in his arms. He stopped, placed you behind him and stood in a protective stance. You looked past him and saw the other two fighting Tristan and the other guy.
  7. Brian was fighting Tristan. Tristan was trying to knock Brian out of the sky and Brian was throwing knifes at Tristan. While Chris was throwing trees and large rocks at the other guy (with telepathy) while the other guy was shooting shots of electricity at Chris. Each were evenly matched. Anthony, obviously furious, picked up a large stick and threw it at the other guy. He was distracted from Chris and Chris took the opportunity to crush the guy. Brian looked back to see that the other guy was down and Tristan knowing that he was outnumbered slipped away.
  8. All the guys forgot about Tristan, and ran to see you. Anthony gave you a big bear hug, Chris kissed you on the cheek, and Brian cut away all of the ropes. You all have dinner, and when you ask what just happened they told you that they would tell you tomorrow and that you needed to rest. You go back to your room and plop down on your bed. You look up to see more gold writing. It said, "I love you _______, I want you at my side at all times. I am a leader of my own gang, and was a spy here. Please find a way to get to me, I need you, and I can't get to you." You look out the window and see two gold specks outside the gates. They disappeared and you could feel water sprinkle over you.
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