Are you beautiful?

Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, if you see it or not. But how beautiful are you? Do people see you as beautiful? What do you need to work on?

I'm sure these questions have came to your attention before. But now, in just a couple of minutes, you can find out just how beautiful YOU are and answer some of those questions you have about beauty!

Created by: allysa
  1. What do you think the word "beautiful" means?
  2. Do you think you're beautiful?
  3. Imagine this: You're walking down the street with books in your hands. A man walking very fast passes you and knocks your books down and doesn't stop and help you. Nor does he apologize. He just keeps walking. What is your reaction?
  4. How do you fix your face each day?
  5. Remember the sanareo from question 5? Now imagine you're the one who knocked someones books out of their hands. But, you're in a rush. You have to be at work in 3 minutes, and you're 10 minutes away.
  6. How important is your physical apperence?
  7. How important is your inner beauty? (Example, helping people out out, feeling good about yourself, being kind, etc.)
  8. Do people ever call you beautiful?
  9. What do you honestly believe your score will be on this quiz?
  10. Last question: How many boyfriends (or girlfriends depending on your orrientaion) have you had?

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Quiz topic: Am I beautiful?